Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plazaar The Smarter Way To Shop Online

Hey, girls! Do you love to shop online? Well, I'm sure most girls do. I love to buy trendy and great bargain clothing & accessories online too. However, with so many different online store on the world wide web, it will take you some time to browse or compare for the best deal. Phew..... I'm so glad to be introduced to Plazaar recently.

Plazaar is a one stop online store that allows you to browse thru thousands of fashions & accessories from dozen of stores in Malaysia online stores. It is the new way to discover and buying fashion products online with no fees incurred. You no longer need to visit different stores, manage multiple accounts, or deal with different type of payment systems. Simply by visiting Plazaar, shopping online is now easier than ever.

How to use Plazaar?

1) Find your products
Go to and browse/search for something you like.
2) Order your products
Add your products to cart and proceed to check out. You'll receive an email confirmation, to proceed with payment using Malaysian bank account or credit card.
3) Save products
Add your favourite product to the wishlist so you can buy it later.
Once an order is placed, your order will be handled by Plazaar. You'll receive an email comfirmation of your purchase products. In any circumstances that your ordered item is not available, Plazaar will find option for same or lower priced item. If the item is still not available, you will be inform and suggested other similar items. 
For the time being, Plazaar only handles local stores and ship within Malaysia. So, lucky Malaysian, hurry check out Plazaar now!

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