Thursday, September 25, 2014

REALASH - Eyelash Enhancer (Review)

Hello beautiful! I am head over heels to share something special that came in the mail today. Let's take a sneak peek into it.... 

Comes in a beautifully wrapped packaging. 

Open up to this.....

Finally....... Ta daaaaahh.......

Yes!!! I'll be reviewing REALASH an eyelash enhancer. Claim to make eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller. I am very excited to try out this product as I have very short and not noticeable lashes. So let's see how Realash works on my lashes.

Ohh yaaa... I noticed there's serial number on the tube. Perhaps to prevent counterfeit products. Typically, eyelashes need 30 days to grow. The main problem is that most times mature eyelashes fall before new ones are fully grown and this cause a visually unpleasant effect. Engineered with innovative technology, Realash helps eyelash grow faster and stronger. The density goes up, eyelashes look longer and fuller. 

Here are my lashes before using Realash

Close up on my short lashes 😅

After curling and mascara, this is the best it can goes. 😂😂😂

To achieve the best results it's recommended to use Realash once a day, preferably in the evening after removing make-up, by applying to the upper eyelid.

I will be using Realash daily on my cleaned eyelashes, and will keep you girls updated on my progress after 1 month. Each packet of 3ml is sufficient for 4-5 month therapy. Do stay tuned!!! 

Till then, XOXO 😘

Note : If you wear contact lens, it's recommended to remove them prior to the application. They may be reinserted after 15 minutes. Do not apply to the lower lashes.


  1. ahhhh...they got such thing now? Can't wait to see the progress!

    1. Realash is very popular in the European!
      Finally it's here in M'sia. Shall find out if it's really works :)

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by! Let's BW each other more often ya. Cheers :)

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