Friday, May 30, 2014

Acme Bar & Coffee

Always heard of this cafe joint, finally got the chance to try it. Acme bar n coffee at The Troika very nearby to Klcc. 
Snapped by IPhone 5s
Beautiful entrance background must take a pic for remembrance.
The seasonal jackfruit cake taste heavenly rich and soft.
Flat white for him.
Latte for yours truly.
Beautiful fresh flower deco.
Good coffee, nice cake with a great ambience environment.

Ming Palace buffet dim sum

Recently Groupon is have this dim sum buffet deal at Ming Palace, Corus Hotel. At only Rm35 nett including chinese tea I think it's worth to give a try. There are limited car park in the basement and we are lucky to get a spot near the valet area at Rm10 with drive in. If valet it's Rm15.
Very cosy environment. Lots of lantern decoration.
Had a bowl of sweet sea coconut with longan.
Radish cake is too sticky and wet. Fried otak is good and the spring roll also ok.
All this taste average only.

Wanton soup is average.

Vege is nai pak. Szechuan hot and sour soup is quite big portion for 2. 
Chu cheong fan filing is so little. Chinese dumpling is quite tasty. The Szechuan noodle average.
I was served this stale shrimp dim sum. Complained and the waitress just apologise and remark will mention to her cooks. 
I find this pretty unacceptable in food industry especially hotel restaurant.
Ending this with a selfie....

Overall the dim sum here is nothing to shout about. But for the price I paid its worth a try.... 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Burgerlab GoJiRa!!!

Today dinner with hubby and his bro. Went to Burgerlab in Seapark, PJ.
I decided to tried out the new GoJiRa burger. Boy, it was huge!!! 

Highly recommended for meat lovers. It has like 3 layers of cheesy beef patties.

GoJiRa KO me! Only able to down half of it... It's a huge burger kinda remind me of Matterhon burger.

Price per set is RM33 comes with fries and bottomless drinks.

I won the Dove Skindulgence grand prize!

So 28th May 2014 around 5pm received a call from Dove Malaysia inform me that I'm one of the winner for grand prize of 3days 2 night Krabi, Thailand. Yipeee... 
The trip will be from 13th June - 15th June 2014. One of my bigger win this year.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TWG tea at The Gardens

I had an evening tea with de family yesterday. It was indeed a lavish tea experiences. I had the riviera tea which is tea with lavender and rose more flowery aroma. It's priced at Rm19 per pot or rm28.90/set come with 2 scones or a cake. Since there are four of us, we get 3sets to tried the cake as well. Raspberry cheese cake is really good while the chocolate cake taste very decent too. 

2 chocolate cake and 1 cheese cake
Thx to a nice tai tai frm next table volunteer to shoot for us.

Brother's even bought a cast iron teapot from Hojo priced at a whopping Rm388!!!
It is believed tea will taste much sweeter brewing from this pot.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boat Noodles in Empire Damansara...

Earlier this month, went to try out Boat Noodles in Empire Damansara. They serve mini serving of 2-3 spoonful of noodles in a bowl and you gotta have at least 3 bowls which equal to the average serving per person.
U gotta get your waiting number first. I've waited for half an hour for a table.

First round....

Ok. Not all from me! This is total for 3 persons...
The dessert made of coconut milk. Just so so....
The leaderboard results... Lol

Right after lunch, we tried out coffee at Seven Cups.  I had latte which is personally feel the taste too diluted. Not really worth it!

Beautiful staircases... Let's take pic!
Awesome decorations of umbrellas....

Koufu red wine noodles

Last weekend, happen to drop by One City, Subang Jaya. Had an awesome pic taking time there. 

We went to Koufu for dinner. It's definitely a good choice as the foods there is superb. I had their famous red wine chicken mee suah.

This is the premium version which cost RM17.90 with very strong wine taste perfect for a rainy night. I can feel the warmness oozing out! Haha.... 

My first comeback....

Been a while since my last blog updated. Decided to create this new blog to begin my new journey. So let's go... LUCKY 15/05/2014