Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bringing a Taste of Authentic Malay Cuisine to KLMUC Through ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @ KLMUC’

Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC) held a soft launch to mark their newly opened restaurant dubbed ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC.’ Located right in the heart of the city at the Putra Campus in Wisma Sachdev, the restaurant brings with it an authentic Malay dining experience. 

Having begun its operation on the 1st of June, ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC’ is a joint venture between Malai Food Industries and Cosmopoint Group, and is open to all students and the public. The name ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC’ takes after the ambiance of the restaurant, adorned with vintage photos of the city set amidst the present backdrop of today’s Kuala Lumpur.  Truly, a restaurant like no other ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC’ will be manned thrice weekly by the students themselves.  

To inaugurate the soft launch of the restaurant, we are in for a real feast as we were treated to local Malay delicacies such as, ‘Ubi Kayu with Sambal Ikan Tamban,’ ‘Pengat Durian’ and ‘Asam Pedas Tulang Rawan Kacang Hijau,’ dishes which reflect the true splendour of Malay cuisine. These dishes will also be part of the Ramadhan buffet spread, commencing on the 18th of June until the end of the fasting month and is open to all students, staff and the public. 


“We are proud to collaborate with our partners Malai Food Industries on the establishment of ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC,’ and I am more pleased that our students will gradually get involved in its business operations once the restaurant is in full swing. This embodies the core essence of ‘Real World Practice’ that combines learning with practical experiences,” said Haslin Hassan, Dean for the Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Currently ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC’ serves authentic Malay cuisine, and for the ala carte menu prices start from as low as RM5 and RM48 nett per pax for the Ramadhan Buffet.  The restaurant will also host recurring performances by the students, from modern to traditional dance and acoustic performances, which is to reflect part of the ‘Real World Practice’ initiative.  The stage is also open to KL based artists who wish to showcase their talent.

“We welcome everyone to come and dine at our restaurant as it brings distinctive Malay flavours that’s reminiscent of our proud Malaysian culture,” adds Haslin.

The business hours of ‘Restoran Dulu dan Kini @KLMUC’ is from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. and is situated on the ground floor of Block A, Wisma Sachdev at Jalan Raja Laut. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Buffet Ramadhan @ KL Tower

Embrace this Ramadhan month with your family and friends at Ramadhan Buffet @ KL Tower from 23 June to 12 July 2015, starting from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm at Mega View Banquet Hall, KL Tower

What a marvellous view to dine here.

Kampung’ cuisines and many other mouth-watering delicacies are carefully crafted by Chef Ismail. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet him every Wednesday and Friday to complete your Buka Puasa” experiences at KL Tower!

The Ramadhan buffet is priced at RM99++ for adult and RM59++ for child. Free for child from 1 to 3 years old and including entrance to KL Tower Observation Deck. 

Wait no longer! Go ahead and plan your Ramadhan gathering with your loved ones today at Ramadhan Buffet @ KL TowerGet one (1) pax free for every ten (10) paying adult. Prayer room are available.

For more information, please call 03-2020 5444 or visit website at www.menarakl.com.my and Facebook at www.facebook.com/officialmenarakl.

Friday, June 26, 2015

MBG Celebrates International Fruit Day with New Fruit Salad Bars & “Nutritionist On The Go” Campaign

Do you know it's the International Fruit Day on the 1st of July? Yeah, let's celebrate the day with MBG Fruit Shop’s annual “Yes! Fruits” fruity festival.

“Yes! Fruits” festival aims to excite Malaysians to include more fruits into their diet with fun carnival-like activities such as contests, culinary demos, educational nuggets at all MBG outlets from July 1 to August 31. MBG also kicked off its nationwide fruits survey cum contest to understand Malaysian’s awareness and behaviours towards fruits & fruits juices, promising exciting prizes amounting to RM10,000 including Pensonic Papa Blender , MBG product hampers and vouchers.

This year MBG introduced it's new fruits salad bars at Tropicana City Mall and Wangsa Walk Shopping Mall, with more to come. At only RM3.70/100gram, you can mix and match your healthy snacks anytime of the day. During the Holy Ramadhan month, you could opt to break-fast with fruits salad that not only taste good but healthier too. 
Oh my.... I'm spoilt for choice. 

Just look at the fresh, colourful pretty looking fruits and vegetables.

Create your healthy and unique salad dressing with date syrup, red island extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil 100%, apple vinegar, date vinegar or pomegranate vinegar available at the salad bar.

For added goodness, you could top up with organic chia seeds, mixed dried cranberries & black currants, mixed dried fruits & seeds and nuts, mixed mulberry, raisin & seeds, natural dried longan pulp or fresh dried mango. So what's your pick?

Yay.... Here's my salad creation.

Introducing "Colourful Salad" which packed with antioxidants from the berries, drizzled with zesty lemon juice, date honey and olive oil. Throw in some  nuts and chia seeds too for some crunch. Do you know chia seeds are high in Omega 3? Start including chia seeds into your daily diet now, if you have not. 

Need more advice on nutrition? Well, let's hear it from the experts! In the pipeline is their Nutritionist On The Go” – a community campaign which enables the public to consult MBG’s very own nutritionist at selective outlets to get nutritional consultation making its debut soon. In a healthy fruit salad demo cum workshop with us, we have consultant dietitian Indra Balaratnam at MBG’s Tropicana City Mall outlet recently. Eating fruit and vegetables which are high in vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, water -- are important for good health.  Now with salad bars such as MBG’s it's all about being convenient, fun and creative way to enjoy your fruits and vegetables with the large assortment of nutritious fruit and vegetables.The key to making a good salad would be adding a variety of colourful fruit and vegetables which offer different antioxidants. Beside the fruits, you could also top up with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and dressings to make the salad flavourful, extra nutritious or even as a meal replacement. Yogurt is also a good protein source high in calcium that make a perfect dressing to fruit salads compare to conventional premixed salad dressing.

If you need some idea, here's Indra pretty looking and lip-smackingly good salad recipes. 


Perfect juice dressing for a light mixed fruit salad

Ingredients for the salad:
·         Mango -- diced
·         Blueberries
·         Strawberries -- diced
·         Green kiwi -- sliced
·         Raisins
·         Almonds -- slivered

Ingredients for the dressing:
·         Juice of 1 orange
·         Juice of 1/2 lemon
·         Juice of 1/2 lime
·         Orange zest
·         1-2 Tablespoons of honey (or to taste)

Whisk the dressing together in a large mixing bowl. Toss in the cut fruit. Chill in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before serving.

Indra’s tip: This fruit salad is full of vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants from the rainbow coloured fruit combination to help keep your immunity up as you start to face another hustle and bustle day.


Ingredients for the salad:
·         Salad leaves
·         Cucumber -- sliced
·         Pink dragon fruit -- diced
·         Pears -- diced
·         Pineapple -- diced
·         Watermelon -- diced
·         Avocado – cored and sliced
·         Nuts

Ingredients for yogurt dressing:
·         1 cup Greek yogurt
·         2 Tablespoons white vinegar
·         1 ½ Tablespoons lemon juice
·         1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
·         2 Tablespoons chives – finely chopped
·         2 Tablespoons fresh parsley – finely chopped
·         Salt to taste

Mix all the dressing ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate to use when needed.

Assemble the salad ingredients in a large bowl. Drizzle with the yogurt dressing.

Indra’s tip: This yogurt dressing is perfect to cool you down for a light afternoon lunch. The yogurt provides protein, calcium and good probiotics. The fruits have fiber to aid digestion; plus the avocado and nuts have good healthy fats and Omega 3.


Ingredients for salad:
·         Green apple – thinly sliced
·         Ripe mango -- diced
·         Fresh mint leaves – finely chopped
·         Roasted cashew nuts

Ingredients for the dressing
·         ½ cup fresh lime juice
·         3 teaspoons fish sauce (adjust to your taste)
·         3 teaspoons brown sugar
·         6 chili – finely chopped

In a large mixing bowl, mix all the dressing ingredients. Adjust the fish sauce and brown sugar to your taste, if needed.
Then gently toss in the salad ingredients.

Indra’s tip: This simple recipe has the soluble fiber goodness of mango and green apple to help control cholesterol and digestion. Makes a nice refreshing side dish to Asian dishes.

MBG's has all the freshest fruits! Buying from MBG, you can be rest assured of the freshness and quality with its "Money Back Guarantee" motto.

Juices and smoothies are available too.  So what's your excuse to not start living a healthier lifestyle now? 

I always love MBG's Avocado Smoothies milky rich blend and not forgetting topping it with some chia seeds too. 

Till then, click into www.mbg.com.my for more information.

*Pic without watermark credit to MBG.