Thursday, September 11, 2014

The 1st International Makeover

UPDATE!!! Turns out the organizer Allan is a scammer that does not pay the people he hired. So please beware if you are approach by him for jobs!!!

Hello, ladies and gentleman! Are you in for a makeover? Read on for some real good deal.... With a small fee of RM50, you'll get a complete Face & Hair makeover plus 10 shots from a professional photographer. 

I joined the morning session at Empire Damansara which starts at 10am. Was bring over to a soho unit for the makeover. It took almost an hour for my make up and hair setting. It's best to come prepare with a mindset of what kind of looks you wanted. For ladies, you might want to bring your own fake eyelashes, however if you don't, fret not you still able to buy from the MUA at RM20/pair. 

Getting the face and hair done!

Kiki the hairstylist and Stacy the MUA 
Thanks for the transformation.

Yay... I'm done and ready for the shoot.

Bump into this 2 lovely fellow blogger 
Claudine & Jenny 😍

While waiting for my photo shooting turn, of course first let me take few selfie! Hahaha...
Have the privileged to be shoot by Tanes TJ. He's one seasoned photographer very much sought after! 😁

Oh ya... Meal is provided too! Had a scrumptious lunch at San Nae Deul. While waiting for our foods, selfie time! Lol

I had the Bulgogi Set that came with rice and drinks. Since Merdeka day is around the corner, the folks at San Nae Deul celebrate with us by treating us a bottle of Tiger Radler which is an easy drinking beer with lemon juice.

Sharing with you some of the shots by Tanes TJ 

David (Jeddi Images) is very kind to shoot
on goodwill. 

So awesome right? Wait, that's not all! One of the best shots will be selected by their panel to be included in the 1,000,000 RECORD BREAKING makeover. This entitles you to be in the running of winning a Grand Prize (draw) which is the Mercedez Benz A250 (x2 units) towards the end of the event. That's icing on the cake! There are other prizes for most likes in their photo in the 1,000,000 pool. 

Don't wait anymore. Register now for the event at 

Don't you feel excited to be part of this special event! For more information, please refer to their facebook page


  1. pretty~ can i have your number :P ? from

  2. so pretty la .....too bad i cannot make it that day!!

  3. Gorgeous photographs and fantastic makeover!
    I especially loved the outdoor shot with you leaning against the window, very Bond girl!
    Much love and best of luck with the competition!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thx Rin! Loving most of the pic. Just uploaded half of it! :)

  4. looks fun!! what a coincidence! I know Jenny too =D

    1. Thx for dropping by Charis! Let's BW each other ya! :)