Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Simmer Huang @ Pavilion Elite

Being an avid foodie, I'm always on the lookout for new restaurant to check out. Hence, last week, I was at the newly opened Simmer Huang in Pavilion Elite with a few of my foodie friends. If you  don't know yet, Simmer Huang is China's most popular hotpot chain famed for its unique Three Sauce Simmer Pot which was originated from the "Spicy Fish" in the Imperial Cuisine of Qing Dynasty.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Usher In The Year of the Rooster with Nestle Omega Plus

In conjunction of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Nestle Omega Plus hosted a special cooking workshop at The Cooking House, Bangsar attended by the member of the media. The workshop aimed to educate us on tips to adopt a healthier eating habits plus we also had the opportunity to whip out some nutritious versions of delectable Chinese dishes. As an advocate of heart health, Nestle Omega Plus is empowering Malaysians to lead longer, healthier lives by enabling them to take steps that can help improve their heart health, such as practicing healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Did you know regular consumption of Nestle Omega Plus milk aids in cholesterol management as it contains Acticol, plant sterols which help block bad cholesterol from entering the body?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shopping Spree with Watsons Brand

Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia (5th from left), Danny Hoh, Customer Director, Watsons Malaysia (5th from right) and KS Wong, Senior General Manager, Sunway Velocity Mall (4th from left) together with celebrity friends and Watsons VIP Members after the shopping spree. 

Last Friday, 10 lucky Watsons VIP members were treated to a money can’t buy experience where they had the chance of a lifetime to a shopping spree with Watsons Brand. The 10 VIP Members had the time of their lives when the shopping spree began as they rushed to Watsons store grabbing as much as they can within the 60 seconds time frame. In total, they managed to shop Watsons Brand products worth RM4,709.92 in the specified time.The shopping spree activity was held as part of the Switch and Save campaign launched by Watsons Malaysia for the Watsons Brand in 2016.

Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Personal Backup

Have you ever experienced losing really important data? It is crucial to back up your data on a consistent and regular basis to avoid such misfortune. Acronis, a global leader in hybrid-cloud data protection and storage, has introduced the following : 
  1. Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation with Acronis Active Protection™ — active protection against ransomware attacks on user data
  2. Acronis Notary™— blockchain-based data certification and verification capabilities 
  3. Acronis ASign™ — the most consumer-friendly electronic document signing service

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 @ Sunway Putra Hotel

Last week, we had the pleasure to be invited to the Chinese New Year media preview of the Sunway Putra Hotel. Upon entering the lobby, the amazing gigantic Yee Sang at Atrium Lounge captured our attention instantly.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Doutour Coffee @ Sunway Velocity Mall

A new kid on the block entering our Malaysian cafe scene is Doutor. The European style cafe originates from Japan and now has over 1,200 outlets throughout the world. Doutor Malaysia aims to bring the freshest quality coffee experience with the '3 FRESH' philosophy - freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed. The extensive beverage menu includes Espresso-based coffee, mixed blends and hand-brewed coffee of single origin, not to mention non-coffee beverages for non-coffee lovers.

The Flavours of Fortune 2017 @ Genting Palace, Resorts World Genting

Huat ah! How does a joyous celebration with plenty of good food for this coming Year of the Fire Rooster at Resorts World Genting sound to you? This Chinese New Year, the majestic Genting Palace Restaurant offers a spread of delectable festive Cantonese cuisine, a wide selection of dim sum and vegetarian dishes. The CNY set menus are designed for table for four, six and ten ranging from as low as RM568 nett and RM1,288 nett available from 27 January to 12 February 2017. For a more lavish meals, there are also elaborate menus ranging from RM1,788 nett to RM 7,888. Diners can still opt for a la carte order. 

The most exclusive menu is understandably filled with costly ingredients with dishes like Fortune Fong Sui Abalone and Black Caviar Yee Sang, Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall with Cordyceps Sinensis, Stir-fried Australian Lobster with Fragrant Garlic & Chilli, Steamed Empurau Fish with Finest Grade Mandarin Peel & Fine Soy Sauce, Charbroiled Sea Cucumber with Three-head Abalone in Superior Stock, Lotus Leaf Rice Stewed with Waxed Sausage & Waxed Meat, and Chilled Bird's Nest & Rock Melon with Snow Lotus & Red Dates. 

The basic menu for a table of six, for instance, offers Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang, Double-boiled Three Treasures with Shark Bone Broth, Steamed River Catfish with Hunan Picked Chilli, Crispy Prawn Ball Salad with Mint Mayonnaise, Roast Duck, Traditional Braised Baked Fish Maw in Claypot, Braised Shanghai Noodles with Scallops and Sweetened Cream of Red bean with Eight Treasures.

Comfortable for family gathering and corporate functions, this non-halal restaurant with a palatial setting has ten private dining rooms and a capacity for some 700 people in total.

Salmon Yee Sang RM155.00 nett(L) RM88.00 nett(S)

Other selections of Yee Sang available at Genting Palace are :

Wan Yu 'Yee Sang' RM118.00 nett(L) RM69.00 nett(S)
Japanese Tuna 'Yee Sang' RM155.00 nett(L) RM 88.00 nett(S)
Black Caviar & Salmon 'Yee Sang' RM288.00 nett(L) RM180.00 nett(S)
Abalone & Black Caviar 'Yee Sang' RM588.00 nett(L) RM388.00 nett(S)

Double-boiled Dried Seafood and Abalone Treasure Pottage
A luxurious and hearty soup served in individual pots comes with one whole abalone, sea cucumber, scallop and morel mushroom.

Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce
The chicken was brilliantly done, tender and full of flavours.

Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet
A collagen booster dish, it was my first time trying goose feet and it taste pretty much like chicken feet. 

The sea cucumber was delicious with jelly-like clinging texture and generously filled with an assortment of goodness, such as mushroom, roasted pork and many more.

Steamed River Marble Goby with Crispy Ginger
Perfectly steamed, the fish was marvellous, firm in texture and sweet in flavour. The outstanding crispy ginger truly brings the fish to a whole new level.

Pan-fried Marmite Prawns
Fabulous prawns from the red sea, absolutely delish with just the right amount of marmite flavour.

Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice with Waxed Meat
Flavourful rice packed with an abundance of waxed meat. Simply adores the lap cheong, so tasty.

Lotus seed and Lily Bulb with 'tai hai nam'
The perfect way to end our meal with the refreshing and nutritious sweet soup dessert.

Pineapple Tarts
Last but not least, a must-have Chinese New Year cookies!
Buttery and crumbly pastry filled with zesty pineapple fillings. Simply addictive!

This Lunar New Year, impress your guest with the best tasting pineapple tarts from Resorts World Genting. Available from now till 11 February 2017, the tarts are packed full in an air-tight container priced at RM39 nett, or a container with red lid filled with 12 pieces of tarts priced at RM28 nettThe kiosks can be found at Genting Palace (Level 2, Genting Grand), Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims), First World Hotel Lobby, and Sky Plaza from 11am to 6pm daily. 


Restaurant Genting Palace is located at 2nd Floor Genting Grand. For reservation or more information, kindly log on to www.facebook.com/ResortsWorldGenting

Monday, January 23, 2017

Exquisite Festive Feasting To Celebrate Year of the Rooster @ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel (Non Halal)

From now until 11 February 2017, engulf your senses with the Festive Menus crafted by the experienced Executive Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs that capture the finest flavours of Cantonese cuisine. From festive dim sum selection to treasure pot (poon choi), luxurious set menus and a variety of Yee Sang, Dynasty Restaurant is the best place to commemorate your Chinese New Year celebration with family and friends.

Mom, Can You Hear Me?

Yay.... 5 more days to Chinese New Year! My family always looks forward to the Spring Festival as it is the time our family and relatives near and far get together for some fun family bonding moments. Mind you, our family gatherings are usually rather noisy and loud, especially for my mom's side of family. 

However, this year, I am not too sure if my mom would enjoy it as much as she do the past year. Of late, I noticed my mom experiencing hearing difficulties which affected her day-to-day routines such as communicating effectively, watching TV and listening to radio. Nowadays, talking on the phone is tough and often we will need to repeat ourselves too. 
"Mom, Can you hear me?" 

Lately, she also seems to be kind of depressed and began to withdraw from friends and neighbours. I guess, she must be feeling embarrassed about not understanding what is being said when communicating with others. Deep down, I am worried her condition might get worse to the extend of disconnected from us. Frankly, at the moment, I am really clueless and have no idea where to seek the right help or treatment for my mom. Better communication will be good for us and I only wanted her to be safe and sound. :(

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Usher in the Year of the Red Fire Rooster @ Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Let's usher in the Year of the Red Fire Rooster with the scrumptious selection of oriental-inspired delights at Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. The wonderful array of scrumptious “Yee Sang”(raw fish salad) in the private yet cosy, avant-garde Lai Ching Yuen restaurant is available from now till the 13 February 2017.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simmer Huang Coming Soon @ Pavilion Elite

Simmer Huang - Three Sauce Simmer Pot originated from the "Spicy Fish" in the Imperial Cuisine of Qing Dynasty will open its first restaurant in Malaysia on the 23 Jan 2017 at Pavilion Elite, Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant specializes in a unique simmer style of cooking using Chinese herbs are one of the popular dishes served at royal feasts and dinner parties.

Established since 2004 in Beijing, Simmer Huang now has more than 600 restaurants worldwide and target to reach 1,000 restaurants across the globe by 2018.

The traditional unique simmering technique brings out the dishes aromatic flavour and retains the nutrient content of the foods. Tasty and highly nutritious, the secret recipe lies within the perfect ratio of herbs, spices and the ingredients.

The best part is, you can see the cooking scene of your order before your very eyes.  

The classy restaurant infused with a modern twist offers a great and enjoyable dining ambiance with a balanced meal, perfect for business meetings, family gatherings or celebrations. Don't forget to mark your calendar for the soft opening happening on 23 Jan 2017. See you there!

Simmer Huang
Lot 8.101.00, Level 8,
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur 

Facebook : www.facebook.com/simmerhuangmalaysia 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sparkle with OtterBox Symmetry Series Swarosvski Crystal Edition

Hey! Meet my precious. Precious who? Hehehe..... My new toy, the matte black iPhone 7 Plus! Yeah, I finally bought it. As soon as I got my hands on the new phone, I was searching high and low for the best protective casing. I want it to be tough (I'm pretty clumsy at times) yet stylish too. Just when I thought it's not possible to get the best of both worlds, I came across OtterBox newly released the Symmetry Series Crystal Edition casing.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Give the Gift Of Health with Nestle Omega Plus

Oh dear... How time flies! Literally, we're only two weeks away from Chinese New Year. How is your preparation coming along? Time to clean the house to get rid of all the bad luck and prepare foods for the New Year's feast with loved ones.  Also not forgetting, it's that time of the year to present gifts or hampers! Shopping for Chinese New Year gift can be tough with the many attractive hampers choices available. Have you found your perfect gift?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 the Best Year Of Golden Opportunities with Carlsberg

It's time to welcome the Year of the Rooster! Back in those days, we have the rooster perched on the rooftop with its symbolic cock-a-doodle-doo to jolt us awake. Always the early bird filled with positivity, joyfulness and gratitude, the rooster claims his place, welcoming a brand-new day – a day filled with opportunities. Taking inspiration from the mandarin pronunciation of rooster(鸡 jī), which bears the same pronunciation as ‘Opportunity’(机 jī ),  Carlsberg wishes all a year filled with golden opportunities!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rooster Red 2017 @ Pullman KLCC

Gong xi, gong xi..... This rooster year calls for a new beginning and a toast towards a healthier yet prosperous year ahead! Celebrate and dine with a difference at Pullman KLCC whilst you revel in the festive meals with your family and friends. From 1 January to 11 February, switch up your nibbles with Yee Sang at Pullman KLCC's Cantonese restaurant, Tai Zi Heen.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Tiger Beer to Make One Million Consumers Winners this Chinese New Year

Pic credit Marvin

Gong Xi Fa Cai! It's never to early to say Gong Xi Fa Cai, especially when Tiger Beer is rewarding its discerning consumers with an Abundance of Prosperity. This Chinese New Year, Heineken Malaysia Berhad’s has launched a nationwide CNY campaign for the Year of Rooster, led by Asia’s iconic Tiger Beer, that will see over one million Malaysian consumers win cash and prizes worth a total of RM2 million

Petal of Prosperity @ Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

The Spring Festival is around the corner and to mark the auspicious occasion, Chef Kong who helms the kitchen of Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant has whipped up an array of traditional dishes with a touch of artistry.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Miss Whoosh Glamorous @ The Curve

Whoosh Eyewear, the sister brand of Focus Point hosted their 1st annual Miss Whoosh Glamorous, a supplementary title to the Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2016 at The Curve Shopping Mall (the official venue sponsor). Fifty four gorgeous women from around the world sashayed down the runway decked in beautiful cocktail outfits and Whoosh’s latest eyewear collection.

Wong Wok 'Dai Chao' @ Lot 10 Hutong

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend a luncheon hosted by Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Managing Director of YTL Corporation (www.ytlcommunity.com) held at Wong Wok, Lot 10 Hutong. If you don't know yet, the Lot 10 Hutong gourmet heritage village is a unique concept eatery offering a wide selection of the best local comfort foods under one roof. Every stall is personally hand-picked and is already recognised as a master of its craft, from noodles, pastries and even soups. It was also highly raved about and recommended by scores of foodies as well as the international media. Hence, if you are a street food lover, a visit to Lot 10 Hutong is indeed a culinary odyssey into the world of Asian street cuisine.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chinese New Year Gets Bigger Than Big @ Giant

Chinese New Year festive mood is in the air! Have you started your Chinese New Year shopping yet? If you haven't, look no further, Giant has everything you need all under one roof. Talk about convenience and not to mention the big discounts and larger range of product offerings which equals to more saving. The five week long "This Chinese New Year - Make it GIANT' promotion is happening from 29th December 2016 until 27th January 2017.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pablo Now Open @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Hey! The famed Pablo cheese tart has finally arrived at 1 Utama. Did you know Pablo is known as the most popular Cheese Tart in Osaka with a record of 2000 cheese tarts sold daily in the Pablo Shinsaibashi store. Oh my.... that is close to 1 cheese tart being sold every 7 seconds!

Luk Fook Jewellery Now Open At Pavilion Elite and Suria KLCC

Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited has now expanded into Malaysia with the opening of two new outlet in Kuala Lumpur.  A couple of weeks ago, the group has hosted a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of the two new Lukfook Jewellery retail shops located at Pavilion Elite and Suria KLCC respectively. Officiating guests including Ms. Kristal Tin, winner of TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress and Most Popular Actress, Dato’ Joyce Yap, CEO of Retail, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Henry Yip Choong Hung, Vice President of Hong Kong – Malaysia Business Association, and Ms. Shirley Wong, Executive Director and Deputy General Manager of the Group, witnessed this momentous milestone together, which marked Lukfooks expansion of its global retail network to nine countries and regions.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Prosperous Chinese New Year 2017 Feast @ Fei Fei Crab

In the blink of an eye, it's 2017 now! Literally, we are only a few weeks away from the Spring Festival. Have you made your reservation for Chinese New Year celebration or get together? Look no further and head over to Fei Fei Crab for a great bonding time with loved ones over good food and nice ambiance. There are 2 set menus available throughout this Chinese New Year which is priced at RM788 per table(10 pax) & RM1088 per table(10 pax). Early bird booking before 15th January 2017 enjoy 10% discount.

Sunway Velocity Mall Now Open @ Cheras

The largest retail hub, Sunway Velocity Mall now open in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's bustling neighbourhood of Cheras. Sunway Velocity Mall set to bring a unique shopping experience for 1.72 million residents of Cheras and its surrounding neighbourhood including Ampang and Kuala Lumpur. The seven level mall with 1 million sqft of retail space house big retail names including the first AEON MaxValu Prime in the country and the third after Japan and Hong Kong. The other two main anchors are Parkson and TGV Cinema, which also houses IMAX, the world's most immersive movie experience and the largest IMAX screen in Malaysia. Other tenants are Grand Imperial, Uniqlo, Harvey Norman, Padini Concept Store, Popular Bookstore, Home's Harmony, Toys 'R' Us, JD Sports and CHI-X Fitness.