Friday, September 26, 2014

Tappers Cafe, Setia Alam

It's weekend and yay to that!!! Haha... I do indulge myself with my comfort foods during the weekend. It's my cheat day/meal as I do practice clean eating most of the days. 

This fine morning, I am craving for America style breakfast. Tappers at Setia Alam served my favourite cuppa coffee and its unlimited refill! 😍

Breakfast set menu. Lots of set to choose from right! 😍

Feeling greedy, I had the Big Breakfast! Scrambled eggs a bit wet just the way I like it. Hash brown is crispy.

Especially love the focaccia toast! Garlic butter goodness.

My other half go for American Breakfast. Looks appetizing right.

One thing though..... coffee refill is very foamy. 

Ending this with a selfie...... Notice the cosy white environment? They played English hits song quite loud too. 

Tappers Cafe
No. 15-1-2, 
Jalan Setia Prima U13/D, 
Setia Alam, Selangor, 
40170 Shah Alam

Thursday, September 25, 2014

REALASH - Eyelash Enhancer (Review)

Hello beautiful! I am head over heels to share something special that came in the mail today. Let's take a sneak peek into it.... 

Comes in a beautifully wrapped packaging. 

Open up to this.....

Finally....... Ta daaaaahh.......

Yes!!! I'll be reviewing REALASH an eyelash enhancer. Claim to make eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller. I am very excited to try out this product as I have very short and not noticeable lashes. So let's see how Realash works on my lashes.

Ohh yaaa... I noticed there's serial number on the tube. Perhaps to prevent counterfeit products. Typically, eyelashes need 30 days to grow. The main problem is that most times mature eyelashes fall before new ones are fully grown and this cause a visually unpleasant effect. Engineered with innovative technology, Realash helps eyelash grow faster and stronger. The density goes up, eyelashes look longer and fuller. 

Here are my lashes before using Realash

Close up on my short lashes 😅

After curling and mascara, this is the best it can goes. 😂😂😂

To achieve the best results it's recommended to use Realash once a day, preferably in the evening after removing make-up, by applying to the upper eyelid.

I will be using Realash daily on my cleaned eyelashes, and will keep you girls updated on my progress after 1 month. Each packet of 3ml is sufficient for 4-5 month therapy. Do stay tuned!!! 

Till then, XOXO 😘

Note : If you wear contact lens, it's recommended to remove them prior to the application. They may be reinserted after 15 minutes. Do not apply to the lower lashes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Lemon) - Review

Hello lovelies! I get to try out this Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Lemon)thanks to Hishop. This made in Korea mask is full of Vitamin C goodness which help in brightening our complexion.  

Front packaging

Back packaging

Here are the benefit proclaimed : 
Make your skin clear and pure. Contains Fresh Citrus Limonum (lemon) fruit extract and Citrus Aurantifolia (lime) fruit extract vitamins. 
The natural cellulose tencel sheets are highly dermotropic and fixed easily on skin. Helpful for intensive skin care and deliver the effects of enriched essence softly. 
Direction of use: 
1. After cleansing, even out skin using toner. Take the mask out of its package, unfold and place the sheet on the face. 2. Rest comfortably for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask. 
3.Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin. 

First let me take a selfie with the mask LOL

This sheet mask is textured and quite thick.

Glad the mask can fit in my wide face! Hahaha...

Lastly........ Ta daaaaa the before and after results!!!

Instantly brighten up my complexion!!! 😱

My verdict : 

Surprisingly there's no strong scent of lemon so if you are anti sourish lemon smell, you still can use this with ease. The essence just nice fully covered the mask. Upon removing the mask, I am amazed by the brightening effect and my skin feel soft and moist. I believe with regular usage, it will helps in achieving a fairer complexion. 

- See more at: 
Hi Elana,

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* All pictures taken by IPhone 5S and non edited.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

XES New Ambassador Ms Mico Pun as Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015

A big congratulations to the gorgeous newly crowned Miss XES Elegant, Mico Pun Chiew Yoek. The lucky finalist successfully caught the attention through her warm personality and divine beauty to represent the brand as Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015. She's 22 years old and born in Johor Bahru. Standing tall at 169cm weighing only 52kg with vital stats of 33D-25-36. Started modeling at 20years old, she's hoping to do more in commercial and gain big success in it. 

Pic from XES Shoes facebook

*As the ambassador of XES Shoes from the duration of 1st October 2014-30th September 2015, she will get a contract worth of RM16,000.00 that includes RM1,000.00 cash prize upon receiving the title Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 and get monthly supply of shoes and bags worth of RM3,600.00 values of products from XES within one year. She will also get paid with RM3,900 for various print advertisements campaign and RM1,000.00 for every TV commercial campaign and acting appearances that she works on with XES. For video clips, the ambassador will receive RM1,500.00 throughout the contract period. Each special appearance and fashion show made by Miss XES Elegant in any future events shall also contribute her per event attended. 
Can't help myself admiring this huge hamper for Ms XES Elegant

Signing and handing over mock cheque to Ms XES Elegant by Mr Simpson Wong, Managing Director of Shellys Marketing.

Yours truly with the lovely Ms XES Elegant Mico Pun and Ms Sabrina PR Manager

Ms XES Elegant 2014/2015 Mico Pun said "I'll do my best to work with XES team to achieve more exposures and introduce their high quality and full of comfort shoes to more people" 

XES team is very happy to work on more interesting projects with the newly crowned Miss XES Elegant, Mico Pun Chiew Yoek. 

*Prizes, awards & benefits may be subjected to change at the discretion of the Management of Shelly's Marketing Sdn Bhd

I am very happy to bring home this pair of sweet pastel colour heels! Thanks to XES Shoes! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alaska King Crab feast at Black Market

Earlier of the month, I had a feast of Alaska King Crab dinner with my family. There are 2 choices of cooking style which is steamed and serve on a iced plate or baked with optional add on of oriental cheese rice. 
Alaska King Crab ongoing promo instead of Rm188/pcs, with the Alaska King Crab photo sharing on Facebook or Instragram you can get Rm60 off. Rm128 for a whole size L Alaska King Crab sounds like a good deal right? Beside the crabs, we tried out the ribs and pasta too!
Very tender aromatic ribs.

Black scallop pasta spicy with sweet scallop. Serving size rather small though.

This is the steamed cold version serve with soy sauce, wasabi and lemon. But I never bother of the the condiments as the crab succulent and sweet on its own.

Oriental cheese baked rice is a tad salty. But the rice is tasty, full of fragrant and cheesy.

Look at the meat! Yummylicious...

Smile wide wide for the crabs 😁
Chocolate lava served with a scoop of ice cream. Runny melted chocolate, with just right sweetness.

Tiramisu is equally good.

I've dined with discount from
which entitled a 30% for all food and beverages except alcohol. Alaska King Crab current promotion not entitle for the discount offer.

Truly enjoyed the foods and environment here. The staff are very accommodating as well. Pricing consider on the higher side due to small serving.

Main Place USJ
GF-21 & GF 22, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 21/10,
Persiaran Kewajipan 47630 Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.025091,101.581654

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The 1st International Makeover

UPDATE!!! Turns out the organizer Allan is a scammer that does not pay the people he hired. So please beware if you are approach by him for jobs!!!

Hello, ladies and gentleman! Are you in for a makeover? Read on for some real good deal.... With a small fee of RM50, you'll get a complete Face & Hair makeover plus 10 shots from a professional photographer. 

I joined the morning session at Empire Damansara which starts at 10am. Was bring over to a soho unit for the makeover. It took almost an hour for my make up and hair setting. It's best to come prepare with a mindset of what kind of looks you wanted. For ladies, you might want to bring your own fake eyelashes, however if you don't, fret not you still able to buy from the MUA at RM20/pair. 

Getting the face and hair done!

Kiki the hairstylist and Stacy the MUA 
Thanks for the transformation.

Yay... I'm done and ready for the shoot.

Bump into this 2 lovely fellow blogger 
Claudine & Jenny 😍

While waiting for my photo shooting turn, of course first let me take few selfie! Hahaha...
Have the privileged to be shoot by Tanes TJ. He's one seasoned photographer very much sought after! 😁

Oh ya... Meal is provided too! Had a scrumptious lunch at San Nae Deul. While waiting for our foods, selfie time! Lol

I had the Bulgogi Set that came with rice and drinks. Since Merdeka day is around the corner, the folks at San Nae Deul celebrate with us by treating us a bottle of Tiger Radler which is an easy drinking beer with lemon juice.

Sharing with you some of the shots by Tanes TJ 

David (Jeddi Images) is very kind to shoot
on goodwill. 

So awesome right? Wait, that's not all! One of the best shots will be selected by their panel to be included in the 1,000,000 RECORD BREAKING makeover. This entitles you to be in the running of winning a Grand Prize (draw) which is the Mercedez Benz A250 (x2 units) towards the end of the event. That's icing on the cake! There are other prizes for most likes in their photo in the 1,000,000 pool. 

Don't wait anymore. Register now for the event at 

Don't you feel excited to be part of this special event! For more information, please refer to their facebook page