Sunday, June 29, 2014

Facial at Cres Wellness

Recently I went for a facial session with Cres Wellness. Tried out the pearly whitening facial. I went to the Bukit Tinggi Klang branch and under the hands of Angeline a very sweet lady.
Waited for a while since I'm earlier than appointment time 
Using machine to maximize the hydrating mask result
After facial seasion, my face does looks brighten ups and clear off white and black heads.

Facials here is really worth it as the beautifician skills is good and do not rush at all. She slowly attended to my request of oil seed around my eyes.  Highly recommended! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kose makeover at MidValley, Centre Court

Kose is currently having a makeover promo on going at Midvalley, Centre Court till this Sunday 29th June 2014. 

Purchase above RM200 and you are entitle for a makeover session which including a print out of A4 size picture.
My haul - Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask special edition 145g Rm152.00
SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF50+ PA++++ 81g RM110 
Infinity Pure Advance Eye Jelly 20g RM189
GWP Travel kit set, a very lady umbrella and 2 gorgeous tote.

Signed up for their Kose membership to collect point and they throw in a bottle of toner as gift. Membership is FOC!
100ml toner

Make up session 
Personally I feel my makeup is very light and don't quite like this MUA skill
Love most of the pic outcome...

Choosing only 1 pic is really TOUGH! Lol

But still, finally THIS is my choosen pic... 😍

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hair cut at Salon 76 MidValley

So it's been a while since my last hair cut or should I say hair trim. Maintained a hair trim every 4-6 months or when my hair screaming for attention = split ends. Was browsing thru those deal site and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Salon76 is offering Rm38 for a haircut by Stylist come with hair wash and blow too. Boy, I gotta snap this deal right away since this is one hot salon raved by blogger every now and then. The salon closed on Mon, while Tuesday is the stylist off day. It's a cosy and spacious salon. I was asked to fill up a personal particular form and waited for a while since I'm earlier than my scheduled appointment. 

Entrance of salon

 The stylist really study my hair and he emphasis on the balance of the hairstyle and does it suits your particular face. He suggested to cut a U shape for me with slight layer towards the end. Yah... I said go ahead. Just chop off one to two inch, I wanna get rid of split ends. 

Stylist working his magic on my hair...

Before hair cut, I had my hair wash first. He recommend me the sparkling scalp wash or know as Tansan. This is a simple scalp and hair treatment, which is done over the basin in a few minutes time. Soda or Co2 is added into the water as my hair is washed. It helps to remove the dirt and excessive oil from the scalp & the silicon on your hair. My hair indeed feel airy and lighter a little I suppose....According to the stylist, this treatment is a very basic in Japan. Everyone is washing their hair plus Tansan. And it's more expensive in Japan. 
Dirt from my scalp...

Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with the stylist and the salon. Thumbs up!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sate Barakah

Best satay is no longer only at Kajang. I've discovered this stall with a huge crowd of ppl and it's prove they are serving some smacking delicious satay. Each stick only cost 70cents. 

What I love about the satay here is for instance chicken satay normally will serve with a layer of skin in between which really turn me off. But here is all plain meat cooked tender soft... Oh so yummy
Even the kuah also thick and full of nuts aroma.

Today we had chicken only as the rest which is beef and mutton not available. Beside satay, they have western foods, chicken rice, nasi lemak and gravy mee too.

It's along the main road heading towards Banting at Batu 7 nearby Telok Panglima Garang.

Not ending this with a selfie this time as I'm too busy with my satay! Lol

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Collection workshop at Citta Mall

Today drop by the Collection workshop at The Space, Citta Mall. Event starts at 11am. We are required to show our Ic to redeem the door gift.
Door gift consist of 1full size mascara.not bad! 

I had a makeup session by one of the lovely MUA. Forgot to ask for  her name.
Sweet lady....

After trying out their product range, I check out the product. Currently Collection is available at Watsons only. There's 10% discount for today purchase and above Rm50 get a free lipstick. 
So here are my loots.... 😁 Got myself concealer, smoky eye palate and a lipstick color inspired by the famous My Love From Another Star.

Hopefully I'm able to create the smoky eyes effect using the same product.
Ohhh yaa... I do take lots of photo with the wowphoto booth. It was fun!

Alright ending the post with my selfie as usual.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shopping spree at Euro Atlantic

Yes.... It's been a while since my last visit. Euro Atlantic is the major supplier for hotels and Aeon fresh fruits and vegetable.
It's freezing cold inside .....
Fresh mushroom
Check out the prices 
My haul for the day.... Not all item is cheap but definitely fresh.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 3 at Krabi

Today we are greeted by sunshine and good weather. Too bad that we are going back today. We had an early morning yoga session with Marina Yoga. It's about 15min drive from our hotel. Just an hour of yoga for us to stayactive.... 

 After yoga, we are back to the hotel for a quickie breakfast as we are suppose to check out by 10.30am.

So goodbye Krabi and I shall see you again soon.
Our friendly tour guide Sam

Day 2 at Krabi, Thailand

Early morning, breakfast at the hotel. Buffet spread is quite extensive, there are omelet section, bread and pastry, pancake etc. I had the yummy fruits oats and Movenpick yogurts. 

My eatright breakfast.

 It is drizzling the whole morning, so we could not make it to the Phi Phi Island. We went to the Emerald Pool instead. We travel for about an hour from the hotel and halfway we stop by at the morning market. 

I noticed a food stall making something like our 'chu cheong fan' using cloth which caught my attention as I remembered 'chu cheong fan' makes by this traditional way is very tasty. From the tour guide Sam explanation, it's actually a local Thai dessert 'Pak Mo' something like steamed Thai pancake. Got it for 17baht for 6pcs. The skin is smooth and the filling is a mixed of sweet and salty taste. 

 To reach Emerald Pool, gotta walk about 1km but you will not really feel it as along the way are nice green scenery. 

Nice scenery
Breathtaking view of Emerald Pool

 We had our lunch at the restaurant outside of Emerald Pool. The foods here are yummylicious especially the deep fried fish with chili sauce. Right after lunch, we are headed to the hot spring. Unfortunately, the water is not hot due to the heavy rain in the morning so we only snap photo around. 

 Next up is the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua)It is the Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand with a chedi and big Buddha on top of mountain (1237 steps up) about 260 meters high vertically. Lot's of monkeys here and you gotta be extra caution if you got foods in your hand. 

 We are back to the hotel at 4pm and it's free leisure time for us. Rested for a while and showered then off we go along the Ao Nang beach. Finally settled in a restaurant which assure us that "Food no good, no need pay" LOL We had a large pizza cost 150baht and chicken fried noodle 120baht. Each of us had a glass of cocktail which only cost 100baht. Foods here is just average. 

After our dinner, we had full body oil massage cost 400baht - 2hours. Really enjoyed the massage session. After body pampering, we do hair braiding. My long hair cost me 800baht which is like a super good deal as few other salon charged for 3000baht at least.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Krabi, Thailand by Dove skindulgence

Went for the Krabi, Thailand trip on 13th -15th June 2014 won frm My Dove Bodywash 21days instragram challenge.
We flew with Mas and reach Krabi around noon. 
Near to the arrival exit, there is a counter selling unlimited 3G data plan for 3 days at 200baht. Since most of my tour mate are active blogger, all of them bought it and so do yours truly.

The 10 star student of Skindulgence

We are welcomed by Unilever Thailand representative and transported by 2 van for lunch at a A-HUD halal Restaurant.

Almost every meal is served with coconut which really a thirst quencher for the hot weather. Lunch is still alright, nothing to shout about. But the dessert is worth mentioning. Awesome~~~
Right after lunch, we check in at Mercure Krabi Deevana Hotel. This is an apartment feel hotel as it's only 4 floor with few blocks along the pool and is rated 4 star. 

I got room 5410 which is towards the end, so far away from lift. As usual, upon entering my room I check out the view from balcony. Later I realize there's this double decker children bed with soft toy and there's even a Playstation. Wow... Wow... Double wow.... So I get a family room. :) 
At 3.30pm we went to the Thai cookery school by Chef Ya. One of her popular student includes Gordon Ramsay. I am proud able to learn cooking from her. She uses very cute term like chop chop and bang bang the ingredients.
Introducing Chef Ya
At the entrance
My yellow curry
Cooked by the star student - eatright

So if you're interested here are the program available. We go for Program C!

We had an early dinner and the foods all taste good. Everyone indeed proud of themselves that day. 

We are transfered back to hotel after that for an hour of me time. Later we are brought to the nearby Lucky Massage for a Thai massage experiences which really betterthanmilk. Truly enjoyed it. An hour of Thai massage cost 250baht here. 

We had a walk nearby the night market near Ao Nang beach after the massage. Things is kinda expensive here so did not buy much. Saw a cute Krabi tshirt decided to get it for remembrance. 

So that's the end of day 1 at Krabi.