Friday, July 17, 2020

MeCan Trade - Everyone Can Trade!

Life is full of uncertainty! The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly taught us the importance of having a side or passive income. In fact, adapting to new normal means we can no longer depend on traditional ways of doing business. Many retail and chain store sales are falling by more than half and struggled with massive debts and bankruptcy. So how do you ensure doing a sustainable full-proof business that won't be hit by economic or business changes? Start an online business! Boost traffic to your site and drive greater engagement through SEO!

Seize the opportunity with MeCan Trade! Thanks to MeCan Trade, everyone can become an entrepreneur and trade anytime, anywhere. Whether you're starting your own business or looking to earn some extra income, MeCan Trade platform allow you to set up your own e-store and earn passive income. 

What is MeCan Trade? 

Founded by Mr Andy Goh (former founder of Oldtown and current owner of Nam Heong restaurant chains) MeCan Trade is a one-stop e-commerce solution that connect sellers and buyers around the world. Its headquarter located in Kuala Lumpur and currently trades in Malaysia, China, Thailand as well as Indonesia and will be expanding to South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 

This one-stop online store takes care of the whole buying process from A to Z, from registration procedures, purchasing, payment to delivery to your doorstep. It is zero capital start-up, zero risk and the best part is setting up your online store is as simple as ABC. Merchants can transform their own online sales platform and become instant business owners with a large variety of products/merchandise without having to keep stocks which require huge capital investments. 

MeCan Trade taps into the power of human connection thru its e-commerce program, MeCan Trade Ambassador Program which encourages budding entrepreneurs with considerable social influence to sell relevant items from MeCan Trade to their network of friends and followers. 

MeCan Trade Key Features : 

  • Multichannel eCommerce - Increase brand exposure via digital ecosystem as your products will be simultaneously deployed in top eCommerce platforms in Malaysia. 
  • Borderless Trading - It is cost effective as all transactions can be done in your own local currency even for cross borders transactions hence, there is no loss in foreign exchange. 
  • Strategic Partnerships - It has strong partners and reputable affiliate network which provides stability and added advantage. 
  • Big Data Solutions - Driving efficiency to your business as it engages SEO and SEM to drive business with the right demographics. 
  • End-to-End Support - Availability of a localized team who will facilitate and advise you on operations, marketing, networking, IT and finance matters. 

Do you have your own Social Media Page? 
Do you have 500 or more friends/followers?
Do you like to share things on social media? 
Make good use of the resources you have to start your business. 

How to become a MeCan Trade Ambassador? 
  1. Register buyer account to activate MeCan Trade Ambassador feature. 
  2. Start shopping and customise your storefront with personalised URL.
  3. Promote your store on social network and sell products to reap the profits. 
Application for international business is made easier through MeCan Trade. You will be assisted with the export procedures & document preparation of trade contracts, custom-related documents, international shipping documents and CIQ certificate application. MeCan Trade will also handle the logistic of delivery to ensure smooth delivery of the products.

There are over 600++ products available in the e-store which comprised of groceries, household products, health & beauty and fashion. 

One of the popular brands is Vanzo, Malaysia's first healthy air freshener which is certified safe to use. It is made with pure plant-based extracts and free from harmful chemicals such as alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene and toluene. 

The subtle sweet and refreshing scent can last up to 60 days and priced reasonably at RM29 only each. Vanzo air freshener available in two series, Dashboard and Aircond Vent. 

Vanzo English Pear & Freesia  - An innovative fragrance of mellow scented fresh pear with cool white freesias and a delicate yet distinctive scent. 

Vanzo LX Secret Musk - Unique scent that brings about the image of sea breeze and a field of blooming flowers. 

Vanzo LX Velvet Musk - Natural velvet musk scent that encompasses floral and wood notes.

Another popular brand on MeCan Trade platform is Wellsen. This hair care range is exclusively formulated by a team of cosmetic chemists and hair stylists offers a diverse of products which include shampoo, conditioners, hair styling, hair perming and hair straightening products. 

Wellsen CHAMP Intensive Care Hair Mask, Wellsen CHAMP Revitalizing Shampoo, Wellsen CHAMP Curl Booster & Retention Cream, Blow Dry Lotion, Marula Oil and Intensive Repair Hair Serum.

The CHAMP series is made of organic chamomile extract and 100% pure peppermint essential oil works wonder to revitalize and combat hair thinning problem. Meanwhile, their Marula Oil hair serum contains 60% more protective antioxidants than argan oil to repair dry hair and nourishes the scalp.

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