Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Channeling Insights For Startups Designers by Ed Mun

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our daily livelihood and the economy greatly, almost every sector was affected. Hence, due to the rapid changes brought about by the pandemic, the founder of Space Utilisation Analyst (S.U.A), Ed Mun has decided to reach out and assist the interior design industry by sharing his experiences, knowledge and know-how to budding startups. With over 30 years experience operating his interior design firm successfully, he has a vast knowledge and expertise in interior design. 

Aspiring interior designer should definitely check out Ed Mun's Youtube channel, Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM) where he shared his design thinking application, processes and the realities of the interior design industry in hopes to improve the survival rate of interior design startups in a regulated but unenforceable industry. He aim to publish one Master Class video per month, along with weekly tutorial videos and 5 mins live virtual conversations for professional know-hows (FB Live and IG Live).

'IIEM is all about bridging the gap between professional industry players with the consumers and budding interior designers. I believe there are many aspects of the real world that are not taught to budding interior designers in universities, that is why many set up and fail quickly," said Ed Mun. 

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Ed Mun was given the opportunity to become Smart Selangor Delivery Unit's (SSDU) office interior design consultant. His task was to design a communal office that focuses on collaboration, open concept, free movement, encourage creativity and even play at the same time. Just imagine a workspace of tomorrow that focuses on breaking the silos amongst agencies and entities within the government, how cool is that?

Ed Mun work his magic, applying his trade specialty in holistic space assessment and pushing his creative boundaries by incorporating scientific measurement, psychology of space and Zen theory to curate a space for his client's needs. 

The design style named "Wacky Office" is inspired by Apple Park and Google Workspace, a space that promote a healthy work-life balance. An effective, flexible and tech savvy co-working space for people to come to work, explore ideas and sit down together to discuss. SSDU's Center of Excellence (COE) will be the transformation co-working space that will spearhead their quest to a smart state by 2025.

"Youths are the future leaders, they play an important part in building the nation and shaping the country. Given the right skills, I believe in them and the change they can bring. It is only through passing on wisdom and experience openly, will the young designers learn to practise good business ethics, finances for the long haul in this industry." - Ed Mun, Founder and Design Director of Space Utilisation Analyst (S.U.A)

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