Sunday, June 13, 2021

Stay Sane During The Pandemic with Plant Origins Aromatherapy (Review)

Hi all! How are you coping with lockdown (FMCO)?
Well, as for me, my day at home, in a nutshell is basically train, eat, sleep and repeat. Exercising keeps me happy and healthy in mind, body and soul. But let's be real, sometimes I do feel unmotivated to workout. So besides my blood-pumping motivational playlist, I also get a little help from essential oils to power through my workouts. If you still remember, I've already had a small portable diffuser from Plant Origins and I've been loving it. As we are spending more time at home nowadays, I've decided to get another essential oil diffuser for my living room. 

I got my hands on a bigger diffuser! The minimalist, sleek white diffuser easily matches the interior of my home. It also comes with Bluetooth speaker and multi-coloured LED lights. The speaker is easily connected via Bluetooth and I honestly think the sound quality was pretty good too. 

The diffuser has a large capacity water tank (500ml) hence you won't have to refill it frequently. It can  produce mist for up to 13 hours on a full tank of water. 

The essential oils in the Energise functional kit are lemon, spearmint, pink grapefruit and refresh & reset blend. This selection of bright and sunny scents gives you a quick energy boost, refresh the mind, body and spirit while simultaneously banishing fatigues to power you through the day. This invigorating quartet also comes in a sleek, travel-friendly PU leather pouch.

Fill the diffuser with room temperature water and then add in a few drops of your preferred essential oils. Keeping up with regular exercise requires discipline and motivation. On days when motivation is hard to come by, I'll add 4 drops each of lemon, pink grapefruit and spearmint for some workout motivation. It totally works for me! Perhaps you wanna try it too? :D

The diffuser has a few mist settings, you can customize your preferred mist mode such as intermittent, continuous and 2H or 4H timer.

Plant Origins's essential oils is 100% plant-based with no synthetic fragrance, alcohol-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. I love their brand new minimalist packaging design. 

Complete your self care session with Plant Origins's organic personal care products which consists of hair shampoo, hair conditioning mask, body wash and hand soap. 
  • Hair shampoo - Infused with sweet floral top notes of lavender intertwined with earthy rosemary and playful peppermint for a velvety herbaceous fragrance that revitalises the senses, cleanses and soothes the scalp. 
  • Hair conditioning mask - Moisturises and nourishes hair and scalp with the powerful blend of lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. 
  • Body wash - Enjoy a mesmerising bath experience with the fragrance of romantic geranium alongside hints of bergamot and sweet orange that unfolds like a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers. The rich lather immerse you in its delicate yet uplifting bath time whilst deeply hydrates the skin.
  • Hand soap - Featuring a lingering sensual fragrance of spicy ginger, tart bergamot and sweet citrusy mandarin that leaves skin moisturized and smell amazing with every wash. 
Stay sane, elevate your stay-at-home mood with aromatherapy. Get the Plant Origins's starter kit (Sweet Dream & Spring Cleaning) which include one diffuser, 4 types of essential oils and personal care for only RM139.90. For more information, please log on Plant Origins's website


  1. Sounds like a good set of aromatherapy right to help us feel relaxed. :)

  2. Love these Aromatherapy set, Easy to use. Overall good quality natural essential oil.