Thursday, September 23, 2021

SKIN1004 Centella Basic 4 Skincare (Review)

Hey lovelies! Introducing my current faves skincare, the SKIN1004 Centella. When it comes to skincare regimen, I like to keep things simple and effective, just like my workout! :p I’ve been using the SKIN1004 Centella Basic 4 range for about two weeks and I’m loving it. What really won me over is that this skincare range is powered by Centella Asiatica that not only calm and soothe, but also hydrates the skin. It is especially ideal for those with sensitive skin like myself. 

The Centella Basic 4 range consists of  Light Cleansing Oil, Toning Toner, Ampoule and Soothing Cream. Here's my honest verdict!

Light Cleansing Oil 

Formulated with Centella oil and 6 different types of plant oils, this all-in-one cleanser deeply cleanses and removes make up & impurities leaving skin cleansed with a moist finish. I’m amazed at how quickly the cleanser melt away my eye makeup! 

Toning Toner 

This exfoliating toner helps exfoliate dead skin cells gently and accelerate skin renewal to promote a brighter, radiant complexion. It is gentle enough for daily use. 


Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, the ampoules contain only one main ingredient which is the Centella Asiatica extract. It provides deep hydration whilst calm and repair stressed skin. I love the lightweight, watery texture, it sinks into the skin instantly, leaving it soft and supple. If I have to pick a favourite from this range, it would be this! 

Soothing Cream 

The cream is brown in colour and has a lightweight consistency. Apart from Centella, it also contains 4 types of plant based ceramides which helps with soothing, hydrating and keeping the skin barrier healthy. It absorbs quickly and gives a nice cooling sensation. 

Honestly, the SKIN1004 Centella range really works and I definitely saw results. Brighter, clearer complexion with visibly smaller pores, my skin feels smoother and more supple. Aside from that, I love the minimalist packaging. 

Invest in good skin care, your skin will thank you. If you’re interested to try these, use promo code ‘SKINCAP15’ for 15% off. 

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