Sunday, October 31, 2021

Clean Hands, Use Cleands

Hi all! As we moving from Covid-19 pandemic to endemic phase, hand sanitizer has become an essential in our lives. While we are all for preventing the spread of the virus, frequently washing hands with soap and sanitizing your hands can cause skin irritation such as dry, cracked and itchy skin. For people who suffer from eczema, using alcohol-based sanitizer can make matters worse, it can be so irritating and painful, speaking from my own experience! :(

I'm so glad I was introduce to Cleands Hygienic Mist, it has been my life saviour. I have been suffering from atopic dermatitis, thus using normal sanitizer causes so much irritation and eczema flare up. Unlike typical sanitizer, Cleands Hygienic Mist is alcohol-free but just as effective as alcohol-based ones. 

Having undergone a medical lab-testing, Cleands is 100% non-toxic and food grade safe. It contains no chemicals, alcohol, paraben or preservatives and safe for everyone to use.

Cleands Hygienic Mist RM45.90 (100 ml)
Made of Ionized Nano Zinc, this highly effective sanitizer instantly kills 99.9% virus, bacteria and fungi for up to 24 hours through dehydration rather than poisoning. The Safety Alpha Ion in the Hygienic Mist pierces the microbes cell membrane, disrupting it's DNA replication and killing it. Just like popping a bubble with your finger, a popped bubble is irreversible to its original form. 

It is gentle enough to use on the face and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The mist also helps relieve itchy skin, reduce swelling and is safe to use on cuts, wounds or skin infection. Plus point, the sanitizer actually smell good, it has a delicate natural peppermint scent, oh so refreshing. The Cleands Hygienic Mist is the only sanitizer I've been using. Gentle yet effective, it also help ease my eczema symptoms. 

How to use : Spray on the face, from head to toe, before wearing mask and on the skin problems areas or wounds. 

Cleands Environment Spray RM69.90 (500 ml)
Suitable for indoor and outdoor, the Enviroment Spray is designed to cleans, deodorizes and disinfects. It can be use on a variety of surfaces such as doorknobs, kid's toys, equipment, car, utensils, clothing and many more. 

Besides disinfecting surfaces, I love to spritz the spray around my house and air purifier filter to freshen up the air too. Quick and effective, keep my home smelling amazing! 

In addition, you also can spray it on your vegetable and fruit before putting them in the fridge to extend its shelf life. 

Step up your Covid-19 infection control minus the harmful chemicals with Cleands. Get yours now on Lazada and Shopee. Clean hands, use Cleands!

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  1. It is a catchy name no doubt. I am impressed that you can use it to spray on fruits too.