Sunday, January 16, 2022

Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven Free Recipes E-Book


Hey! Kitchen appliances make our life easier. Air fryer and oven are kitchen must-have appliances. But instead of investing in both kitchen appliances, you can get multiple functions out of one appliance. The Senza Hybrid Airfyer Oven can be used for air frying and baking as well as roasting and grilling meats and vegetables. Available in 2 sizes, 30L and 48L, the Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven is certified by SIRIM and comes with 2 years warranty.

This powerful Air Fryer Oven has a wide range of heating combination provides flexibility of cooking such as : 
  • Hot Air
  • Hot Air + Rotisserie
  • Top Heater
  • Bottom Heater
  • Top + Bottom Heater
  •  Hot Air + Top Heater
  •  Hot Air + Bottom Heater
  •  Hot Air + Top & Bottom Heater
  •  Hot Air + Rotisserie + Top Heater
  •  Hot Air + Rotisserie + Bottom Heater
  •  Hot Air + Rotisserie + Top & Bottom Heater
  •  Rotisserie + Top Heater
  •  Rotisserie + Bottom Heater
  •  Rotisserie + Top & Bottom Heater

Now with so many heating combination, are you confused with how to use the Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven? No worries! You could join the Senza Cooking Club. Senza provide its customer 16 hours/7 days WhatsApp Customer Service with Live Cooking Show and free recipes that customised for Senza Hybrid Airfryer Oven. It is the only oven brand that offer such services in Malaysia, hence, 99% customers are utterly satisfied with Senza and its customer service. 

Senza also proud to introduce Chef Yuki as their 1st KOL chef. Chef Yuki has over 10 years experience in baking. She has compiled a series of sweet and savoury family-tested recipes. You can download the recipe E-book for free here. With over 3000 units sold in 3 months, Senza strive to be the No 1 brand in Malaysia. 

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