Monday, June 27, 2022

Malaysia Airlines New In-Flight Safety Video 'Satu Dua Tiga, Jom!'

Malaysia Airlines is taking passengers on an experience like never before with ‘Satu, Dua, Tiga, Jom!’ or ‘One Two Three, Let’s Go!’; a refreshed take on its in-flight safety video which combines the enchanting world of Malaysian performing arts, culture, and aviation safety in an informative yet captivating safety video that brings its own uniquely Malaysian flair. The film begins amidst the backdrop of harmonic tunes as the airline’s cabin crew and Malaysian performance artists, clad in its signature baju kebaya, warmly welcome passengers to watch the safety demonstration video before delivering the eight easy-to-follow steps on the safety do’s and don’ts in a punchy, musical narration delivered by the country’s prominent figures and characters. From an Olympic gymnast showing the brace position in case of an emergency, rock band urging passengers not to smoke on the aircraft, to the Harimau Malaya football club characters singing the importance of seat belt safety.

The improved concept of Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight video is in line with its new way of work and consumer travel, as the enthusiasm for travel continues to soar as borders globally have reopened. The video, while at its core highlights the importance of safety on board, also offers travellers far and wide the opportunity to experience the warmth and diversity of Malaysia; whether they step on board Malaysia Airlines or from the comfort of their homes.

Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of Malaysia Airlines, Lau Yin May, said,
“Safety is of paramount importance for Malaysia Airlines as it’s in our DNA, hence why we are delighted to unveil ‘Satu Dua Tiga, Jom!’ as an informative yet super catchy safety video embodying the very best of Malaysian culture, performing arts, and of course our signature Malaysian Hospitality. This is all part of our efforts to enhance the in-flight experience for passengers to make their journey with Malaysia Airlines that more memorable.

As the national carrier, we have always strived to support our national heroes and brands through our extensive partnership in the fields of sports, CSR initiatives, performing arts, local businesses, and many more, because we share the collective responsibility of serving our nation and our flag with pride every day. Despite the adversities we faced as a nation, it is our united front that has enabled us to stand strong and stand as one. Through our collaboration with Enfiniti, the video is also a celebration of Malaysia’s excellent and talented performing arts industry; and now we can proudly take them to the skies with us for all to experience and enjoy. We invite travellers to ‘marilah terbang bersama-sama’ with Malaysia Airlines, to fly together and fly safely!”

The video was produced in collaboration with Enfiniti, an award-winning Malaysian group of companies creating world-class experiences across entertainment, tourism and education, and premiered at an event held at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre.

Viewers are in for a treat as Malaysia’s national icons take the stage in this never-before-seen collaboration. Directed by Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, award-winning producer, Director and Founder of The Enfiniti Creative Universe and co-directed by Datuk Yusry Abdul Halim, actor and director; the video features a star-studded ensemble. Among the cameos include Tan Sri Dr. Mazlan Othman, Malaysia’s first astrophysicists; Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, artistic gymnast; Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, Founder of MERCY Malaysia; Francisca Luhong; Miss Universe Malaysia 2020, among others.
According to Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, “I received the call from Malaysia Airlines in October last year at the very height of the pandemic; when the entertainment industry was at its lowest ebb and we as a country were so down and dispirited. That phone call and the vision I had in my mind was so vivid and exciting that I couldn’t sleep for days, just obsessing about putting this together. I envisioned this project uplifting and giving hope to the performing arts and entertainment industry so badly impacted by the pandemic, as well as lifting the spirits of all Malaysians.
Fast forward to April 2022, to filming through 3 intensive days and nights with a team of 150 performers, technical crew as well as my co-director, Datuk Yusry Halim, with the Malaysia Airlines team, all whilst observing the Ramadan fast. However, everyone without exception was in high spirits, to be performing in front of cameras again after so long. This was after all, not just for Malaysia Airlines, but for MALAYSIA; our motherland, our home.

I am so grateful that Malaysia Airlines has given Enfiniti and me this opportunity to bring together the world of Malaysian aviation and the world of performing arts and entertainment and can’t wait for everyone to watch this and be excited to travel and embrace life again. #SatuDuaTigaJom!”
Beginning August 2022, passengers travelling with Malaysia Airlines will have the opportunity to view the compact version of the refreshed safety video on board, with the full version to be made available soon as part of the airline’s comprehensive in-flight experience and entertainment driven by its signature Malaysian Hospitality.

Experience Malaysia Airlines’ fresh take on safety videos – view the full video on the airline’s official YouTube channel and be prepared for the catchy tune to linger fresh in your memory, along with the important safety precautions demonstrated by your favourite artistes and cultural figures.
Fly together with Malaysia Airlines and book your next getaway via the airline’s official website at Sign up to become an Enrich member at to start earning Enrich Points and be sure to download the Malaysia Airlines' App to get the latest promotions conveniently at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere!


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