Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Krabi, Thailand by Dove skindulgence

Went for the Krabi, Thailand trip on 13th -15th June 2014 won frm My Dove Bodywash 21days instragram challenge.
We flew with Mas and reach Krabi around noon. 
Near to the arrival exit, there is a counter selling unlimited 3G data plan for 3 days at 200baht. Since most of my tour mate are active blogger, all of them bought it and so do yours truly.

The 10 star student of Skindulgence

We are welcomed by Unilever Thailand representative and transported by 2 van for lunch at a A-HUD halal Restaurant.

Almost every meal is served with coconut which really a thirst quencher for the hot weather. Lunch is still alright, nothing to shout about. But the dessert is worth mentioning. Awesome~~~
Right after lunch, we check in at Mercure Krabi Deevana Hotel. This is an apartment feel hotel as it's only 4 floor with few blocks along the pool and is rated 4 star. 

I got room 5410 which is towards the end, so far away from lift. As usual, upon entering my room I check out the view from balcony. Later I realize there's this double decker children bed with soft toy and there's even a Playstation. Wow... Wow... Double wow.... So I get a family room. :) 
At 3.30pm we went to the Thai cookery school by Chef Ya. One of her popular student includes Gordon Ramsay. I am proud able to learn cooking from her. She uses very cute term like chop chop and bang bang the ingredients.
Introducing Chef Ya
At the entrance
My yellow curry
Cooked by the star student - eatright

So if you're interested here are the program available. We go for Program C!

We had an early dinner and the foods all taste good. Everyone indeed proud of themselves that day. 

We are transfered back to hotel after that for an hour of me time. Later we are brought to the nearby Lucky Massage for a Thai massage experiences which really betterthanmilk. Truly enjoyed it. An hour of Thai massage cost 250baht here. 

We had a walk nearby the night market near Ao Nang beach after the massage. Things is kinda expensive here so did not buy much. Saw a cute Krabi tshirt decided to get it for remembrance. 

So that's the end of day 1 at Krabi. 

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