Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 2 at Krabi, Thailand

Early morning, breakfast at the hotel. Buffet spread is quite extensive, there are omelet section, bread and pastry, pancake etc. I had the yummy fruits oats and Movenpick yogurts. 

My eatright breakfast.

 It is drizzling the whole morning, so we could not make it to the Phi Phi Island. We went to the Emerald Pool instead. We travel for about an hour from the hotel and halfway we stop by at the morning market. 

I noticed a food stall making something like our 'chu cheong fan' using cloth which caught my attention as I remembered 'chu cheong fan' makes by this traditional way is very tasty. From the tour guide Sam explanation, it's actually a local Thai dessert 'Pak Mo' something like steamed Thai pancake. Got it for 17baht for 6pcs. The skin is smooth and the filling is a mixed of sweet and salty taste. 

 To reach Emerald Pool, gotta walk about 1km but you will not really feel it as along the way are nice green scenery. 

Nice scenery
Breathtaking view of Emerald Pool

 We had our lunch at the restaurant outside of Emerald Pool. The foods here are yummylicious especially the deep fried fish with chili sauce. Right after lunch, we are headed to the hot spring. Unfortunately, the water is not hot due to the heavy rain in the morning so we only snap photo around. 

 Next up is the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua)It is the Buddhist temple in Krabi, Thailand with a chedi and big Buddha on top of mountain (1237 steps up) about 260 meters high vertically. Lot's of monkeys here and you gotta be extra caution if you got foods in your hand. 

 We are back to the hotel at 4pm and it's free leisure time for us. Rested for a while and showered then off we go along the Ao Nang beach. Finally settled in a restaurant which assure us that "Food no good, no need pay" LOL We had a large pizza cost 150baht and chicken fried noodle 120baht. Each of us had a glass of cocktail which only cost 100baht. Foods here is just average. 

After our dinner, we had full body oil massage cost 400baht - 2hours. Really enjoyed the massage session. After body pampering, we do hair braiding. My long hair cost me 800baht which is like a super good deal as few other salon charged for 3000baht at least.

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