Sunday, December 30, 2018

b.liv Organic Rose Bloom & b.liv Immerse Me Mask (Review)

About a month ago, we received a lovely package from b.liv which consists of the brand new Organic Rose Bloom enchanted floral oil and Immerse Me sheet mask. Established since 2009, b.liv, pronounced as 'believe' is renowned for affordable personal skin care that provides fast and salon-tested formulations, specifically target pores management solution.

b.liv Rose Bloom Essential Booster RM69 (30ml) 
Power-packed with essential boosters, the Rose Bloom oil penetrate deeply into skin layer to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. With real flower petals, the roses were hand-plucked at the bud stage when it is most potent and cultivate properly before infused in the oil for a more intense result.
The Rose Bloom formulated with a powerful blend of botanical oil helps to invigorate the skin, fights dehydration and fine lines. Just a few drops daily, these essential boosters can enhance your skin's radiance and leave your skin looking healthy. Suitable for all skin types, the Rose Bloom contains highly nourishing properties to help protect the skin against moisture loss and environmental aggressors, especially for the treatment of dry, sensitive or damaged skin. It also acts as an antioxidant to strengthen the skin's protective barrier, soothes skin discomforts, rejuvenate and reduce wrinkles.

This incredibly lightweight oil penetrate easily and softens the skin, hydrating enought but doesn't feel greasy. The subtle rose scent not only smell great, but also boost your mood, promote calming and revitalizing effect on the senses.

Usage : Apply to the skin twice daily after cleansing.

Immerse Me Utmost Moisture Hydrating Mask RM61.30 (10 pieces)
Next, my 'holy grail' skin care product, the mask. b.liv recently unveiled a brand new look for its popular sheet masks. Besides being adorned in new frocks, it is also reformulated with a new skincare technology which uses a blend of natural ingredients, ideal for all skin concerns.

Key active ingredients :

Hyaluronic acid - Keep skin full of moisture to stay in the tight shape and place, Can hold water up to 1,000 times of its weight.
Cogongrass extract - Optimizes and reinforces moisture absorption in the skin by providing long-term hydration.
Lentil extract - Increases and retain moisture level in the skin, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Usage : After cleansing, leave on for 15 - 20 minutes. Massage the remaining essence into the skin.

Originated from Japan, the thin sheet mask is made from 82% wood pulp with a thickness between 0.24mm to 0.33mm. Its unique knitted structure seamlessly fits face curves ensuring close skin adherence, while allowing the skin to relax and breathe. On top of that, the sheet mask has a strong water-locking system to retain moisture and will not dry out easily.

b.liv Immerse Me boosts moisture and restore plumpness to the skin instantly, burrowing moisture into deeper skin layer with it's nutrient rich essence.This intense hydrating mask also helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor level and retaining moisture in the skin to keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

b.liv products are available at all Sa Sa Malaysia and AEON Wellness stores, selected Watsons stores and at

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