Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Loaf - Dine in with Chef Yusuf (Review)


The best traditional Malay cuisine!
More than just great coffee and artisan breads, The Loaf also serves an array of delectable local and fusion Western dishes. Just recently, The Loaf introduced its new all-day dining menu 'Dine in with Chef Yusuf' available exclusively at Level 4, Pavilion KL which features traditional Malay dishes such as Daging Balado, Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api, Pari Asam Pedas, Sambal Terung and many more. 

Cosy and relaxing ambiance with ample natural lighting. 

Dine in with Chef Yusuf

Hailing from Kuching, Sarawak, Chef Yusuf is proud to showcase his rendition of authentic traditional Malay cuisine that set to entice your taste buds.

The menu.

Meal for 1 pax - RM32 includes one main dish of your choice served with one rice set.
Meal for 2 pax - RM66 includes two main dish of your choice, one vegetables of your choice and two rice sets.
Meal for 4 pax - RM126 includes four main dish of your choice, two vegetables of your choice and four rice sets. 

Add-ons : 
Rice set RM5
Main dish RM23
Vegetable RM15

Each rice set comes with ulam, keropok and three types of condiments, sambal belacan, cincalok and budu.

Daging Balado
The beef was surprisingly tender with an incredible fiery kick and fragrant spices. Truly divine! 

Ayam Kampung Masak Lemak Cili Api
Succulent chicken drenched in a rich and fragrant, sweet spicy coconut-infused gravy sure to tantalize your taste buds. The delicious gravy goes so well with rice. Must try!
Pari Asam Pedas
One of the traditional dishes beloved by many, the thick asam pedas gravy was packed with flavour. This appetizing dish has the perfect balance of sour and spicy laced with aromatic spices, just mouth-watering.

Sambal Terung 
Soft, spongy brinjal topped with crispy fried anchovies and sambal. 

Sarawak Laksa 
Aromatic, rich and creamy, the piping hot shrimp-based broth was flavourful and brimming with generous ingredients such as prawns, chicken, omellete and bean sprouts.

I particularly enjoyed the slightly thick noodles, tender but still firm, it was pleasantly chewy, so slurpylicious.

The Loaf Regular Menu

Meanwhile, The Loaf's menu provides a good selection of Asian and fusion Western fare from salad, mains, pasta to burgers. We were recommended to try their Nasi Lemak Rendang, Kerabu Mee Siam, Spaghetti Pad Thai and Kecek Kelate (burger).

Nasi Lemak Rendang RM24
Fragrant and fluffy coconut Basmathi rice served with cucumber, anchovies, hard-boiled egg, sambal tumis and rendang ayam.

Succulent chicken well-laced with aromatic flavour-packed rendang, it was really amazing, just a tad oily. 

Kerabu Mee Siam RM24
This Thai inspired rice vermicelli in lemongrass based sauce was generously filled with kerabu salad, prawns and squids. The tangy and aromatic lemongrass sauce lend an incredible depth of aroma and flavour to the dish. 

Spaghetti Pad Thai RM28
Another Thai inspired dish, the spaghetti laden in a tangy with a hint of spicy tamarind sauce was highly addictive. The portion was really generous and laden with assorted seafood.

Kecek Kelate RM26
Perfectly grilled juicy and tender chicken patty in percik sauce, topped with crisp romaine lettuce, caramalized onion and Japanese cucumber, it was truly an explosion of flavour and textures, I thoroughly enjoyed the burger.

This Danish doughnut burger is the bomb! 

No visit to The Loaf is complete without trying their great coffee and amazing pastries. The Loaf's scrumptious bakery products are made fresh daily with precision and utmost attention to detail. 

Some of our personal favourites includes tropical square, cranberry cheese oyaki, black beauty oyaki, chocolate croissant, caramel mix nuts danish and chicken mushroom pie.

Overall, we had a really great dining experience at The Loaf. Thumbs up for good food(generous portion), friendly service and wonderful ambiance, we will definitely go back soon. 

The Loaf outlets :

Pavilion KL (Dine in with Chef Yusof )
NU Sentral
Sunway Pyramid
IOI City Mall
EkoCheras Mall
Langkawi Plaza Cenang
Langkawi Perdana Quay

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