Saturday, October 15, 2022

Say Sarang-K with Marrybrown's K-Crunch Menu

Attention to all K-food lovers! It is time to embark on another delicious food trip as Malaysia’s most popular and largest homegrown Halal Quick Service Restaurant, Marrybrown invites you to say Sarang-K on their latest Around the World journey! This October, Marrybrown is pleased to present an exciting menu of their famous succulent crispy chicken coated with tantalisingly sweet and spicy Gangjeong sauce. Fans can expect nothing less than top-tier quality meals on top of experiencing the excitement of K-culture when indulging in Marrybrown’s K-Crunch menu!


Like Korea’s electrifying pop culture, the K-Crunch menu is nothing short of sensational made from the finest quality of ingredients that encapsulates the Korean taste perfectly. 

Get ready to be transported to the heart of Seoul with just a bite of the crispy 2-pc K-Crunch Chicken combo accompanied by the well-seasoned french fries, and special K-Fizz drink infused with refreshing flavours of yuzu and passion fruit, priced from RM20.90. 

For those looking for that comforting taste of a good burger, sink your teeth into the warm toasty bun of K-Crunch’s Chicken Burger combo served with a side of french fries and a K-Fizz drink priced from RM16.90.

If you’re yearning for something hearty, the Kimchi Rice Bowl combo priced from RM13.10 is the way to go thanks to the addictive K-Crunch sauce. 

If you can’t decide and are eager to have a bit of everything, the K-Crunch Box Meal is the ideal choice! Priced from RM26.50, Malaysians can indulge in the K-Crunch Chicken Burger, 1-pc K-Crunch Chicken, 2-pc Chicken Dumpling, French Fries and a cup of K-Fizz to quench your thirst.

Fans can also add on the K-Crunch Chicken Dumpling and Cheesy Sausage priced from RM7.90 for a more wholesome meal.


The Marrybrown's K-Crunch menu is available nationwide at all Marrybrown outlets. Visit your nearest outlet today to tease your tastebuds with a fiery yet sweet delicious Korean-inspired meal. For more information on Marrybrown, their Around the World meals, MB App, promotions and delivery services, please visit



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