Saturday, January 7, 2023

MyTOWNKL - Celebrating Luck & ‘Tùgetherness’ in the Year Of The Rabbit

Hello 2023! 
MyTOWN Shopping Center (MyTOWNKL) welcomes the Year of the Rabbit with its thematic campaign, Celebrating Luck & ‘Tùgetherness’. Gather your families and friends to enjoy auspicious moment together bond over quality meals and entertainment at MyTOWN. 

Commenting on the theme of Celebrating Luck & ‘Tùgetherness’, General Manager of MyTOWNKL, Mohd Azhan Che Mat said, the word ‘Tù’ means rabbit in Chinese. Therefore, the wordplay of ‘Tùgetherness’ was chosen as the theme in the spirit of fostering warm fellowship among family members and a perfect time to rekindle relationships and friendships.

Spend quality time with your loved ones while shopping by walking down the memory lane at Central Town and be mesmerised by the majestic of the 20-feet lantern in Central Town with blossoming peonies and dazzling cherry blossoms decoration. Dive into the charming festive decoration of 12 Chinese zodiac animals showcase at Town Park, where each animal is associated with a personality trait, making it fun to look up what your sign is according to the year of your birth.

Discover the Lunar New Year Fair at MyTOWNKL, also known as the “Flower Market” in the Chinese culture with an array of exciting merchandises. From a wide selection of luxury and worth-spending hampers by Famous Amos, Hai-O, Jin Ye Ye, or Fu Da Ren for those who are in the mood of gifting, women’s fashion handbags by Christy Ng, to comfortable kids wear by Good Kids, stylish K-Pop accessories by Lady K and a variety of nibbles by Awesome Snacks. Immerse into an array of thrilling activities from 29 December 2022 until 29 January 2023.


Lion Dance by Kwong Ngai
Traditional             7-23 Jan*         3:00pm     Central Town, Ground Floor
LED                       7, 14 Jan          7:30pm     Town Park, Ground Floor
LED Acrobatic       22, 23 Jan        7:30pm     Town Park, Ground Floor

The Martial Art Traditional of Wushu

Traditional              7-15 Jan*         3:30pm     Central Town, Ground Floor
LED                        7, 14 Jan          8:00pm      Town Park, Ground Floor

Contemporary Dance by UCSI University
Traditional              15, 21, 23 Jan    2:30pm     Central Town, Ground Floor 

 *Weekend and Public Holiday

In line with a sustainable initiative incorporating eco-friendly practices, MyTOWNKL is proud to announce its latest effort in rewarding shoppers with Christy Ng’s Fillmore Monogram Canvas Tote in two trendy colours – dusty pink and beige. This eco-friendly tote bag is lined with water resistant coating and reinforced with canvas linings at the edge to keep belongings safe. Both MyTOWNKL and Christy Ng’s brand name will be uniquely embroidered and carefully crafted by skilled artisans on each side of the bag respectively.

In this festive celebration, premium items inclusive of MyTOWNKL’s edition of Christy Ng Fillmore Monogram Canvas Tote, alongside with luxury bath towel, and limited-edition red packet are available as a redemption. A minimum of 88 points is required for MyTOWNKL App users to redeem and a minimum spend of RM138 (max. 3 combined receipts) for non-users. In addition, celebrate the lucky year with our customised “Grab Lucky Gold Ingots” online game. Collect as many gold ingots within the time limit to receive exciting tenant’s cash voucher, visit MyTOWNKL’s website to start the challenge.

To kickstart a new chapter for the year, MyTOWNKL welcomes several promising new outlets such as Serai, TGI Fridays, Perfect Ice, U Mobile, Curiookids, Ayam Penyet Best Station, 90’s Snacky, Aranorissa, DMR, Atlaz Coffee, and Has#tag Sweets. Moving forward, brands such as Artisan Carpet, Mukbang Tteokbokki Buffet, WEKOME, Buttonscarves, Fana Couture, and El Zahraa are expected to be opening their doors in offering a wider selection for shoppers.

Connect and follow MyTOWNKL’s digital platforms for latest updates via Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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