Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Stylish and Eco-Friendly BROS Water Bottles (Review)

Hey! So if you've been following me on my social media, I bet you know how much I love being outdoors and spend time in natural surroundings. Who doesn't like the smell of fresh air and greenery? That being said, it's crucial to keep myself hydrated especially in the scorching Malaysian weather, it is no surprise that we tend to reprieve ourselves more frequently. Whenever I'm outside, I always carry a bottle of water with me to ensure I stay hydrated, more so to replace the fluids lost during physical activities.

Understanding the need to stay hydrated at all times, BROS water bottles are specially created for people with different drinking needs. I have been using BROS water bottle for quite some time, it goes with me everywhere as it's not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient to be carried around. Another plus point is the lovely graphics and inspiring messages printed on the bottles which not only inspired me but add positive vibes to my daily life.

BROS' extensive range of water bottle has the perfect size for me to carry with me, whether to run errands or work out and the best part is that it fits perfectly into my bag.

The HUSTLE water bottle holds 950ml of water is priced at RM39.50 and made of BPA free Eastman Tritan plastic. It is durable, easy to carry, leak free and works for both hot and cold beverages. (able to withstand heat up to 95 Celsius) The unique press protected spout design also assured easy, hygienic and secure drinking. (no more spills)

Stay hydrated for your HUSTLE with this stylish BROS HUSTLE water bottle that sure to attract attention at the gym and makes a great gift for the gym lovers!

When it comes to protein shakes, this BROS SPREAD YOUR LOVE bottle is a great way to mix my protein shake on the go. The slim design fits perfectly in my hand and ensures no mess even when vigorously shake.

Also made of BPA free Eastman Tritan plastic, the BROS SPREAD YOUR LOVE bottle is priced at RM33.80 and holds 800ml of water.

Simply adore the dual mouth design, which makes it easy to drink from, whilst the durable bottle strap is easy to carry and comfort to grip. If you are looking for water bottles made of alternative materials, don't forget to check out BROS thermal and glass water bottles.  As for the kids (or even adults),  BROS's waterproof and durable 3D Stickers allow you to personalize your own water bottles onto a special range of water bottles with the adorable stickers. This not only adds a touch of fun to the normal drinking routine, but everyone's water bottle will be unique and special. 

Meanwhile, in the range of water bottles made of plastic, BROS offers six exciting series with all sorts of captivating designs such as Crystal, Capa, Flip, Wego, Luna and Yoga. Subjected to stringent lab tests, these environmentally friendly, highly recyclable and reusable bottles are certified food safe and are also stain resistant, thus cleaning will be much easier. Apart from being 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, both the raw material and actual units also complied with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for contact with food and beverage. The versatile BROS plastic water bottles are available in several sizes from 350ml to 2000ml. The price range is from RM24.40 to RM53.60, depending on the sizes, whilst the 3D Stickers is
priced at RM11.20 per piece.

Stop buying bottled water, let's do our part for the environment. Add BROS eco-friendly water bottle to your everyday lifestyle and keep your thirst at bay anytime, anywhere. BROS products are available at all major departmental stores, selected hypermarkets, modern trade and retailers nationwide as well as online.

For a limited time, simply key in promo code 'ELANAxFIT20' to enjoy 20% storewide discount on BROS eStore at www.bros.com.my (valid until 26th August 2018)

For more information about BROS and other collections, please visit www.bros.com.myFacebook page at www.facebook.com/brosnews or Instagram page at www.instagram.com/brosmalaysia.

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