Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sarr'e by Sari Lip Matte (Review)

So if you were to ask me what is the one makeup product that I can't live without, my answer would definitely be the lipstick! Just a little lipstick can make a huge difference to your overall appearance. I am still very much in love with current go-to lipstick, but as always I also love testing out new products. If you don't know yet, I'm a huge fan of matte lipstick! Introducing my current favourite matte lipstick obsession, Sarr'e by Sari. This local homegrown brand established since August 2018 is founded by Sarihana Serigar, a beauty lover who believe lipstick is the best way to enhance your appearance.

Sarr'e by Sari Lipmatte not only add a pop of colour to lips but also nourishes and prevents lips from chapping as it is made from three key natural ingredients such as :

Beeswax - Packed with anti-bacterial properties to soothes and hydrates lips.
Vitamin E - An anti-oxidant and a natural conditioner that act as a sunscreen to prevent lips from further damage.
Coconut oil or Cocos Nucifera - A powerful moisture agent to protect and repair lips from dryness.

Sarr'e by Sari Lipmatte consists of six shades ranging from earthy tones to rich and bold colour namely Jophiel Sari, Alter Ego, Suppresive, Impress Me, Royal Nude and Flirt John. All the colours are absolutely gorgeous, there's a colour for everyone!

Sarr'e by Sari Lipmatte encased in a sleek tube comes with doe foot applicator which is perfectly shaped to line and fill lips with precision. The highly-pigmented colour glides on easily, smudge-proof and last long.

For more intense colour, simply add on another layer and repeat the process until your desired colour.

Show off your gorgeous smile with Sarr'e by Sari Lipmatte!

I am wearing shade No 75 Suppresive, a sweet plum with pink undertones, such a lovely shade! The smooth, creamy texture glides on easily and covers my lips well, however, it does takes some time to set into a matte finish. It feels weightless and comfortable on my lips, plus it doesn't dry out my lips and stays on for long hours, only wear off after eating. This is definitely the lip colour for my everyday 'go to' look, be it for casual, work and even for parties or events.

Price :
RM60 for one (Postage RM9)
RM180 for three (Postage RM9 & FOC 3 eye mask)
RM240 for four (Postage RM9 & FOC 5 eye mask)
RM300 for five (Postage RM9 & FOC 10 eye mask)
RM350 for six (Free postage & FOC10 eye mask)
Remark : 5% of the sale will be donated to Syria

For more information, follow Sarr'ebySari's official Instagram or visit www.sarrebysari.com

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