Monday, April 20, 2020

Keep Your Car Healthy with Amaron Car Battery

Hey! How are you coping with the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown aka MCO? In crucial times like this, we need to stay home to stay safe. Stay positive, we will get through this pandemic! Ohh.. a friendly reminder, while you may not be driving much now, don't forget to start you car every 2 to 3 days to avoid car battery problems. Speaking of car battery, did you know it's important to invest in a good quality car battery to avoid premature battery failure plus a longer lifespan battery?

amaron car battery
But do you know how to choose the best car battery with so many choices in the market? Well, here are some things you can consider before buying a new car battery. First of all, look for a car battery that delivers a longer warranty duration. Next, the full specification of the car batteries are based on the weight and model, which is the direct justification of the amp-hour (AH) and reserved capacity (RC) contained in the car battery. 

Hence, there's no others like AMARON batteries! What makes AMARON batteries stand out compared to other car batteries is their 3 years guaranteed battery. However, please take note that this AMARON 36 months nationwide genuine pro-rata warranty is applicable to ONLY certified with ONLINE REGISTRATION from their NATIONWIDE AUTHORISED DEALERS. That being said, why spend on an overpriced brand when you can have a battery that can last more than 3 years, right?

Most car battery brands only offer 12 to 18 months warranty.

AMARON Car Battery Price List : 

AMARON 38B20L - RM250.00
AMARON 46B24R/L - RM295.00
AMARON 46B24RS/LS - RM295.00

AMARON 555111050 (DIN55R) - RM390.00
AMARON 555155050 (DIN55) - RM390.00
AMARON 555155050(DIN55LH) - RM390.00
AMARON 566112061 (DIN66) - RM510.00
AMARON 565106590 (DIN65) - RM616.00
AMARON 574102069 (DIN74) - RM550.00
AMARON 580122073 (DIN80) - RM680.00
AMARON 600109090 (DIN100) - RM730.00

Get your AMARON Car Battery via and register ONLINE today with their nationwide authorised dealers to get your battery protected for 3 years. Because AMARON always gets you ready!


  1. Regular vehicle check-ups are crucial, and your car's battery health should never be overlooked. Opting for an Amaron Car Battery not only ensures your vehicle starts without a hitch but also extends the overall lifespan of the battery. The cutting-edge technology and robust build of Amaron batteries provide the kind of performance you can rely on. And speaking of reliability, if you're looking to dispose of an old vehicle, remember the importance of responsible disposal. Instead of leaving it to rust in your yard, consider options like cash for scrap car removal in Caboolture. This way, you not only free up space but also contribute to environmentally friendly practices.

  2. Maintaining a healthy car battery is crucial for ensuring smooth and reliable vehicle performance. Amaron car batteries are renowned for their durability and reliability, providing long-lasting power to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Regular checks and maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your battery, helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly replacements. Also, consider cash for cars services in Adelaide for quick and hassle-free disposal of old vehicles.