Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Improve General Mental Health with Vasayo Veuro Microgel


We can take care of our physical health by exercising, but how about our mental health? Busy work schedule, environmental pollution, disturbed sleep, lifestyle aging and others factors can keep our mind busy and affects our ability to stay focus, think and response. That being said, health crisis begin emerge from within which can deeply impact our daily lives. Life has been pretty hectic for me the past two months, always loaded with so much work as well as the struggle to get my creative juices flowing to create compelling content for my social media. Frankly, it can get a little overwhelming and hard to stay focus at times. Thus, a friend of mine introduced me to try Vasayo Veuro Microgel!
Veuro Microgel is an oral supplement formulated with potent ingredients delivered through Advanced Delivery Technology to restore nutrients that your body requires to nourish from the inside out, to keep your mind sharp, improve general mental health and learning ability. From a complex task to demanding work assignment, Veuro Microgel can help you function better and boost your brainpower.

Key Ingredients :

  • Red Grape Powder - A randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial showed that 250mg/day of this patented supplementation for 12 weeks can improve general brain function, including attention and immediate and delayed memory.
  • Holy Basil - Native to Southeast Asia, the holy basil plant promotes mental balance and has been scientifically shown to help the body adapt to stress.
  • Artichoke Powder - Artichoke powder can play a role in aspects of short-term memory, memory consolidation and memory recall, making it a valuable nootropic. 
  • Avena Sativa Powder - Commonly referred to as oat straw, avena sativa is known for its ability to increase focus and concentration. 

Features and benefits : 

General mental health - Expertly formulated blend to delivers nutrients that your body requires to support clarity. 

General wellbeing -  Receives the nutrition and imbued with inspiration, creativity and improve quality of life.

Elevate productivity - Replenish the nutrients the body need to feel whole and improve productivity, focus and concentration. 

Advanced delivery technology - The unique proprietary liposomal-encapsulation technology targets improved nutrient delivery and absorption within the body.

How to use : 

Shake well. Take 4 sprays daily. (30 days  usage/bottle)

Verdict :  I've been taking Vasayo Veuro for the past two months and truly feel better. I felt more in control and better at managing stress, it's much easier to stay focused and get work done too. Also, having too much to do can be distracting, thus I've opt to prioritize my work, one task at a time! 

If you're looking to boost your focus and concentration, why not try out Vasayo Veuro Microgel?Nourish from the inside out to improve general mental health! 

The Vasayo Veuro Microgel is priced at RM335 per bottle. For more information, please log on https://vasayo.com/


  1. Wow RM335 per bottle will be out of the budget of many people. But still if it works I am sure a lot don't mind forking the money.