Monday, March 15, 2021

31 Days of St. Patrick's Celebration with Guinness

The past year has been very overwhelming, many people missed many different celebrations. Be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremonies, or even just gatherings with friends, Malaysians are longing to bring back the missed fun and be part of a celebratory ambiance again. With that notion in mind, Guinness wants to spark little sips of optimism and give everyone a chance to celebrate all last year’s missed occasions this St. Patrick’s month.

For 31 days in a row, Guinness will spread joyful St. Patrick’s spirit to its fans in Klang Valley and Penang with the Guinness St. Patrick’s Celebration Kits. These kits are curated exclusively for fans to catch up on their missed celebrations. All they have to do is tell Guinness their missed occasions by sliding into the comments section or chat box on Guinness’s Facebook or Instagram pages, and top five submissions will be selected daily for 31 days and rewarded with the kits.

The exclusive Guinness St. Patrick’s Celebration Kits vary according to fans’ missed occasions. Each kit is carefully curated with a dash of Guinness and St. Patrick’s elements to it, ranging from scrumptious burger platters, mouthwatering cakes, exquisite cocktails, ice creams for the sweet tooth and juicy at-home BBQ platters. Guinness partnered with various vendors across the Klang Valley and Penang to create these masterpieces, namely myBurgerLab with Tipsy Boar, Coley, Makhan By Kitchen Mafia, The Ice Cream Bar and Anniekins Cakehouse  in the Klang Valley as well as Mish Mash, Cake By X and Three Tiers Ice Cream in Penang.

Available only throughout the St. Patrick’s Month between 1st and 31st of March 2021, fans who wish to purchase these kits instead can do so too at each vendors’ respective outlets or platforms. More details on this can be found here.

That’s not all! For an added touch of St. Patrick’s merriment, Guinness lovers can also score themselves a free limited-edition Guinness tumbler that comes in three designs, with any purchase of Guinness Draught or Guinness Foreign Extra Stout all through March. It is time for fans to check out participating outlets nationwide or e-commerce platforms too, and pick up a Guinness to make it up to all their missed celebrations! 

Promotions are available to non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Guinness Malaysia advocates responsible consumption and urges consumers to not drink and drive. For full terms and conditions and to find out more about Guinness St. Patrick’s Month, visit or Guinness Malaysia’s social media pages at and Slainte!

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