Monday, March 15, 2021

Uniqlo Lifewear 2021 Spring/Summer

UNIQLO LifeWear’s 2021 Spring/Summer collection is here in Malaysia and it is ready to help you kick start 2021 with a healthy and positive mindset. This season’s LifeWear stays true to its philosophy of delivering comfort with practicality in styles and themes that adapt to the new and changing normal, and empower people to bounce back, overcome changes and move forward positively. UNIQLO LifeWear 2021 Spring/Summer collection will be available in stores nationwide and online store at 

From time immemorial, people have relied on clothing as a tool to stay in comfort in changing environment, such as keeping warm when it’s cold and staying cool when it’s hot. Today, they want their clothes to be functional and practical, help them express their individuality and communicate with others. They also want their clothes to be made from sustainable materials.

Despite lifestyle changes in the past year, people still want to move around, enjoy the outdoors and continue to find ways to stay comfortable working or relaxing at home. Crossing over to 2021, people want apparel that evokes a positive mindset, helping them to bounce back from adversity and overcome changes. In other words, they want clothes that make them feel like moving forward.

This season’s UNIQLO LifeWear collection is specifically designed to empower people to move forward healthily and positively, keeping pace with the demands of modern living. It consists of the three following themes:

Transitional Wear
A growing shift towards online communication has changed lifestyles in myriad ways. In fashion, effortless style is now mainstream because the boundaries between home and places of work or study have been blurred, making comfort even more important. On top of that, a rising interest in splitting time between living in cities during weekdays and in the countryside on weekends and the slow living movement have focused more attention on flexible style and more functional beauty in line with more adaptable work practices. Fabrics and textures for more active lifestyles and easy-care cleaning are imperative when choosing clothes. Now more than ever, people need everyday items that fit their lifestyles.

Fresh Air & Fit

Clean air and water in your environment are essential for healthy lifestyles. People are spending more time outside cities to immerse themselves in nature. Walking or cycling are part of a healthy daily routine for many. We offer simple, easy-wear designs that keep people comfortable and feeling great while exercising and enjoying everyday life.


Homes are transitioning from quarters for resting and living into places of comfort and healing. Spending more time at home has made many more interested in better managing that time and arranging everything for more fulfilling and enjoyable days. Pursuing workouts, cooking, and other interests and communicating through games and social media are just some of many ways to spend time usefully at home. Choosing room wear that is relaxing and neat as well as highly functional accessories also improves the quality of life at home and enables people to unwind there. Comfort is pivotal because the boundaries between what people do outside and inside their homes are becoming socially blurred. 


AIRism Bed Sheets and Pillow Case
The AIRism fabric keeps you comfortable and feeling fresh even if you sweat so you can get a good night’s sleep. These items dry quickly and are easy to care for after washing. 

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  1. Uniqlo has always ensure that their clothes are of the best quality. :)