Saturday, July 3, 2021

Bombola Antibac Facial Mist (Review)

Hey lovelies! The weather has been scorching hot recently, thus besides drinking plenty of water, I've also incorporated facial mist into my skincare routine to keep my skin hydrated. My current favourite mist is the Bombola Antibac Facial Mist! This face mist actually does more than hydrate and refreshes the skin, it also provides protection against bacteria and germs which is especially crucial during this pandemic.

Made with high quality ingredients, Bombola Antibac Facial Mist is packed with skincare benefits that gives an instant boost of hydration, soothe stressed-out skin and helps to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germ. It contains no alcohol, toxic free and fragrance free. You can use it under or over your makeup, any time of the day for a quick refresh.

Just a few spritzes, the facial mist leaves my skin hydrated and soothed. In addition, the Bombola Antibac Facial Mist also helps relieves itching and treat acne. 

I love its travel-friendly size, I can easily stash it in my bag and use it anytime. If you forget your sanitizer, fret not! Bombola also works as a sanitizer effective against bacteria and germ. 

The Bombola Antibac Facial Mist works well for all skin types including sensitive skin is priced at RM28 per bottle. I like how the facial mist refreshes, moisturises and tones the skin, and keep me fresh all day. Safe and effective, the Bombola Antibac Facial Mist has quickly become a staple of mine!