Saturday, September 30, 2023

Amazing Seniors - The Celebration Life Begins At 50 (2nd Seniors Festival 2023)

The Celebration, Life Begins At 50 - 2nd Seniors Festival 2023 hosted by Amazing Seniors is a 3-day event that's happening from Friday, 29th September to Sunday, 1st October 2023 at the Atria Shopping Gallery. The wonderful festival started with its "Timeless Inspiration Awards" ceremony to honour outstanding senior individuals for their amazing work in their fields. The "Timeless Inspiration Awards" is about people who have made significant contributions to society and whose achievements have a lasting impact. 

The recipients of Amazing Seniors inaugural 2023 Timeless Inspiration Awards are Datuk Mohd Nordin Mohd Khalid (Lat), Dato’ Khadijah Ibrahim, Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi, Ivy Josiah, Datin Paduka Sister Enda. Huge congratulations to all the award recipients! 

The Amazing Seniors Festival is South East Asia's only festival that celebrates Malaysia's seniors. For the 2nd year in a row, Amazing Seniors carefully planned and organised events, such as the talks by experts that are packed with relevant and timely information for Malaysian seniors. Speaker will discuss topics such as investment scams, retirement, wellness and everything that can improve the lives and lifestyle of our older community. 

Amazing Seniors is teaming up with a number of strategic partners, including Pacific Senior Living, Cagamas, Sunway Sanctuary, KL Wellness, Pure Med, Top Group, Pharm D, Curble and Beaconmart.
The festival also includes fun, entertaining and inspirational performances by seniors. These activities include Malaysian seniors singing, dancing (traditional and modern), performing on musical instruments, taking part in fashion shows and much more.

“LIFE BEGINS AT 50: THE CELEBRATION is intended to celebrate the joys of growing older while simultaneously raising awareness about the role that older adults play in our society as we progress into an aged nation. According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, as of the year 2020, adults aged 50 and above account for 21% of the country’s population and is expected to grow to 34% by 2040. Based on these findings, we feel the need for every Malaysian to recognize the key elements of successful ageing.

Malaysia can unlock a host of benefits for the nation by:

● Mitigating the economic effect of an ageing population by ensuring her people remain
productive through their old age.
● Expanding the consumer economy to provide the needs of older persons, some of whom will
have a greater propensity to spend.
● Creating a new economic driver for aged care and all its various adjacencies.”

Datin Jasmin Amirul, Amazing Seniors’ Co-Founder, Penny Low, Amazing Seniors’ Co-Founder giving welcome speech.

“Successful ageing can be multidimensional based on the interaction of 3 key elements which are the cornerstone of what Amazing Seniors platform aims to facilitate:- the avoidance of disease and disability; sustained engagement in social and productive activities; and maintenance of high physical and cognitive function. We believe we have an important role to play in supporting the nation’s transition to becoming an aged society by adding value through creating a strong ecosystem that can support those intending to retire and those who have already retired.”

Another highlight of the festival is the “Amazing Seniors Talent Quest,” that held every night throughout the 3-day event. The Talent Quest was launched on 15th July 2023, with 114 entries received. From the entries, 20 shortlisted semi-finalists performed live over the 3 days of the festival. Ten finalists will then compete in the grand final happening on Sunday, 1st October 2023 at 7.30pm. Amazing Seniors has invited a distinguished panel of judges for the finals, which includes the renowned Dato’ Khadijah Ibrahim and the Queen of Comedy, Ms Joanne Kam. There will be a total of RM74,000 worth of prizes to be won during the Talent Quest.

The excitement continues with the “Seniors Fair and Bazaar,“ held on the 1st floor of the Atria Shopping Gallery Event Hall. Festival-goers can shop for food, arts and crafts, personal care and fashion items, as well as karaoke, and win RM300,000 worth of prizes.

The Amazing Seniors Festival aims to rank as one of the most highly anticipated annual events. It is a place where the older community can come together to reflect, rephrase, and redefine the concept of aging. A place where fun is for everyone, regardless of age. 

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