Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Maybelline New York Color Show - inspired by fashion for its latest range of makeup colors. Proud sponsor of New York Fashion Week, where its makeup artists work hand-in-hand with top designers to create beauty looks that go perfectly with the hottest fashion. 

Maybelline New York brings the latest lips, shadows, blush and nail colors straight to the sidewalks. With its widest range of colors by far, Color Show is a collection of the hottest fashion colors must-have pieces. 

Color Show consists of 20 shades of nail colors, 16 shades of lipsticks and 6 shades of liners. No matter you are a first timer makeup user or an experienced user, Color Show allows you to easily create bold New York looks with its convenient formulas with easy and fuss-free application. 

Gorgeous colors swatches from left to right :

Nude attitude : 
301 True Toffee
303 Coral Culture
305 Nude Mocha
306 Cream Caramel
308 Orange Ion

Priority Pink :
101 Pink Avenue
102 Pink Punch(N/A) 
104 Pink Paradise
105 Pinkalicious
107 Pink Paradise
108 Pink Party 

Red To Wear :
202 Red My Lips
203 Cherry On Top
205 Red Siren

Plum Taste :
401 Sweet Orchid
402 Plum-tastic

From reds to pinks, the hottest and fashionable lip colors inspired straight from the fashion shows. With only one swipe, Color Show Lip Color offers brilliance and boldness. Plus, its fragrance specially created for the Asian market - is a pampering indulgence with each application. 

Colors swatches from left to right :

04 Shiny Beige
02 Light PCK Green
01 Spicy Orange
03 Ocean Blue
06 Noble Purple
07 Inca Gold

Are you in for a quirky and edgy colored liner eyes? Color Show Liner is smudge-free and goes on in one smooth sweep to create a fashionable effect. Available in bold shades like turquoise, tangerine and metallic gray. Love the pigmented color very much!

Color swatches from top left to right :

214 Orange Fix
220 Blackout
218 Crazy Berry
004 Berry Sexy 
002 Pinkalicious
211 Coral Craze
402 Blackcurrant Top
404 Mint Mojita 
301 Tenacious Teal
503 Denim Dash

Bottom left to right :

303 Shocking Seas
216 Downtown Red
215 Keep up the Flame
212 Hooked on Pink
010 Pink Voltage 
406 Tangerine Treat
102 Porcelain Party
007 Silver Linings
008 Bold Gold
005 Wine & Dine

Color Show Nail Lacquer available in a wide range of bold, in-fashion colors, its enhanced thicker brush offers a smoother application while it's improved color formula ensures that the hue goes on dramatic. So affordable I think I wanna get all the colors!!! 😍

Color Show Nail Lacquer is breathable too. Notice the water able to go thru the nail lacquer?

Created our own nail art using Color Show Nail Lacquer! OK... I know I know, I got no talent with nail art LOL

Me and Syafiera, get to play with the colorful wigs too😅

Green or white? LOL

FOTD created using Maybelline Color Show.

I'm using Maybelline Color Show Light PCK Green eyeliner and Maybelline Color Show Cherry on Top lip color.

Maybelline New York Color Show Lip Color and Color Show Liner are available at selected pharmacy, hypermarkets and supermarkets. Color Show Nail Lacquer is available at selected Watsons and selected Guardian stores only. 

Follow Maybelline Facebook for latest updates at https://www.facebook.com/maybellinenysimplyfab


  1. Really interested with plum lipstick, but never saw the sweet orchid shade here:(


  2. I'm not a Maybelline user but I've always been looking for their nude/orange shades. It's quite hard to find it here in my country. I love the gold lip liner! I just wonder how a person would use or wear it.

  3. The white wig looks good on you! My big sis is a Maybeline gurl, she likes anything Maybeline! You really looked that you had fun there:)


  4. The lipsticks look great and I was actually looking for a new lipstick :)

  5. I just bought 40 bottles of nail polish to give away as gifts this Christmas. As a guy who knows nothing about these things, I just picked those I consider as safe colors. Do you girls try all these different nail colors (like green or black) or you tend to stick to one favorite color?

    1. It's definitely depends on individual I suppose. But it's great to explore new colors

  6. My wife is gonna go "gaga" with this collection. She's a fan of lipsticks so if she gets to see this, we're gonna be in the mall before I know it.

  7. love the ColorShow eyeliner especially the Inca Gold

  8. I thought the colours on the lips and on the skin will come out differently. It's a pretty cool swatch you have over there. I like Pinkalicious best!

    1. Yes, definitely. Next I'll try swatches on my lips O_O

  9. my, that's a lot of swatches! you look so cute with the pixie cut wig! :P

  10. Those lip colours are really quite out of the world...

  11. really interested in their nail polishes! was sooo tempted to buy them all when i was shopping a watsons the other day, but i went for loreal and rimmel in the end. hahaha!

  12. I'm not a lipstick fan, but some of those colors are gorgeous!

  13. Ahahaha I don't think this is for me, but you do look fabulous here. And well, somehow helped me understand some things of women. :D

  14. The hottest colours all together in this range! Definitely something to look out for!

  15. They have all the colors you need to match your outfits, moods or complexion. This would really make a lady stand out.

  16. I love Maybelline brand as a whole, the cosmetics is of a high and constant quality, I am in love with their lipsticks because they taste of fruits or chocolate, and they make the lips so luscious! You were so lucky to attend this glamorous event!

  17. Maybelline is one of my fave drugstore makeup product! Half of what's in my makeup bag are from them!

  18. Missed this again.... I seldom use Maybelline products but I love its color much. Thanks for sharing this awesome event.

  19. Colour show was released in India a couple of months back and I must say I loved their entire collection :D

  20. Where did this show take place? It was not clear where. Anyway, the range of colors are quite impressive with something for everyone. Maybelline is a very good brand.

    1. Hi! It's at a cafe in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. :)

  21. The colour liner looks great! Should drop by their counters and try one day :D:D

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