Sunday, December 7, 2014


Malaysians loves fried foods. This is a fact, which I'm used to guilty as charged too. Used to visit KFC at least once a week, french fries, banana fritters, all those fried stuff are my favourite foods. Until, I began my healthy lifestyle journey. Anyway, I still enjoy fried foods once in a blue moon nowadays, so I accepted Crispy Crust food review invitation without a second thought! LOL

The new kid on the block Crispy Crust restaurant, used to operate from a stall at One to Eat Restaurant! Now operating from a restaurant, there are more food choices too.

Look out for this....

Love their furniture concept.

Affordable breakfast....

Lunch deal worth checking out~~~

Big Sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon and pineapple ring.

Big Sandwich with fried chicken and salad.

The ala carte fried platter😋

There's fried chicken, wings, homemade nugget and fries. Their sauces are homemade too, so make sure you check it out. 

Salmon, grilled chicken, beef bacon, beef & chicken jumbo sausages and fries.

Spaghetti with caramel beef, beef sausage and chicken wing.

Served in a mestin, this is the set version.
We go for Fried chicken, sausage and Japanese rice with mushroom gravy. 

IMO, their fried foods is very crispy but not flavourful enough to eat it on its own. Crispy Crust homemade sauces, will be the highlight to bring out it's flavours. Must try, would be the grilled chicken!

Address : No. 39, PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya
Business Hours 10:00 - 21:00


  1. Omg... all of these food look so delicious!

  2. Am so dieing to have a taste of the Big Sandwich with fried chicken and salad and the Salmon, grilled chicken, beef bacon, beef & chicken jumbo sausages and fries. Am a chicken meat lover so anything that has to do with chicken is my favorite. Nice share

  3. i like their furniture as well! very cute and looks rather unique too! the food looks good, but someone on a diet probably has to avoid at all cost. xp

  4. Like the interiors of this place, I am a vegetarian but I likwd the pictures, nicely reviewed

  5. I'm not a big fan of chicken meat but these post makes me want to love them more. Nice review!

  6. How was the salmon, grilled chicken, sausage platter? I hope they read your review so they can make the chicken flavorful.

    1. BTW, this is katrina centeno

  7. I'm really tempted by their rice. The portion looks quite big, is this something you will suggest people to finish alone or share?

  8. This is awesome!! I used to had this every week before they open a shop :D

  9. i am suppose to visit that outlet but was busy with work on that day. the fried chicken looks good

  10. The ambiance is superb! I like the presentation of the Sandwich with the salads.

  11. This restaurant looks like a great dining place to get comfort food. The fried chicken, homemade nugget and fries are something I would like for dinner tonight. I think they're also good to be eaten with rice.

  12. I've seen a post about this restaurant from another blog and the food she featured were already mouthwatering and now, this post made it more enticing! I love the sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon and pineapple ring! It looks really delicious. Too bad this place is located overseas. I would have loved to visit them if they have a branch here in PH.

  13. Yeah. I prefer the grilled part of theirs. If I am going to Sunway area, i want to go again. And try their salmon!!!

  14. Everything really lives up to its name, everything looks so crispy! They look rather unhealthy though. But I'm curious with that spaghetti with caramel beef. O.O

  15. Yeah everything looks so delicious and unhealthy at the same time :D But as you said once in a while its not bad to go for fried food as long as its not part of your daily routine ! Nice review!

  16. I love fried stuff, from fried chicken to tasty fries and chips, so this place is exactly for me, the food seems deliciously arranged and I can tell by your yummy pics, the restaurant is worth visiting!

  17. I take it they are big on crispy fried foods; it might be a bit much for me. Haha!. The sandwiches looked great and the decor was interesting... :-)

  18. You gained my trust in your food taste. You seem to have the instinct of a food nazi! :-) Or at least you make food more mouthwatering in your posts. I kind of envious you get to taste those food. haha :D These though, would be piling up on my list. lol I know, it's gonna make me earn more to have a taste of my own set of these tasty fries, chips, sandwiches, chicken...etc... hahaha I will visit it one day. For now, McDonalds would do.haha