Monday, December 8, 2014


Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong's famous Michelin starred restaurant has finally arrived in Malaysia. The term 'Michelin Star' is a hallmark of fine dining quality and restaurants around the world.

While queuing we get to go thru the menu first and placed order. Queue for almost an hour on a Sunday morning and do note they only seat complete groups! Fair enough I think.

Tim Ho Wan just opened last week, its dim sum have won the plaudits of food critics and the hearts of epicureans around the world. Rejoice,as we need no travel to Singapore or Hong Kong for a taste of the famed Big 4 Heavenly Kings by Tim Ho Wan.

Simple decor of dim sum basket on the wall, restaurant is packed with customers.

The Big 4 Heavenly Kings are Baked Bun with BBQ Pork, Steamed Egg Cake(Ma Lai Gao), Vermicelli Roll with Pig’s Liver and Pan Fried Carrot Cake. Tim Ho Wan claimed it's dim sum are made of fresh and premium quality ingredients, delectably fresh as they are not pre-steamed and reheated but its made-to-order, as to retain the dim sum’s flavour and texture. This is so true, as all the dishes I ordered arrived pipping hot!

I don't fancy it's chili sauce which I find a tad salty and taste weird. Think it's mixed with bean paste 'taucu'

Prawn Dumpling (RM11.80)
Generously filled with fresh springy prawn. However the skin failed me, as it's quite thick and not smooth.

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (RM10.80)

Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling (RM10.80)
Despite fried, it's not greasy at all. Love the crispy skin and perfectly cooked shrimp.

Beef ball with Bean Curd Skin (RM7.80)
This delicious beef ball comes in a rather large size. 

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (RM10.80)
This is the HOT item here.

Crumbly on the outside with sweet salty BBQ oozing sauce inside. Marvelous!!!

Pan Fried Turnip Cake
Must try!!! Thin crunchy layer on the outside and soft inside. Very much flavourful and I love it's texture.

Steamed Egg Cake (RM7.80)
I love 'Ma Lai Gao' and this is the best I've eaten to date. My new found gem!!!

So soft and fluffy with just the right sweetness. 😍😍😍

Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf (RM12.80)
Nothing to shout about. 

Large serving of rice but taste bland with limited filing. 

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (RM12.80)
My most regretted order! Enough said LOL

Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus (RM6.80)
Must try, also known as "Kwai Fa Gao" this the perfect dessert to end the meal.

Mango Sago Pomelo (RM8.80)
Thick and creamy mango purée. Best of all, not too sweet!

Foods..... 😁😁😁 

Total damages for 2 person dining are RM130++. Chinese tea refillable at RM2 per glass.

My verdict, being the only Michelin starred dim sum restaurant it's a wee bit overhyped. However it's still worth going with it's well priced, especially for certain item on its menu. I'm not sure if it's culture in Hong Kong, during my visit they are blasting HK 90s hitz song! So loud, it's kinda irritating....

Tim Ho Wan
27-G, The Boulevard
Mid Valley City, KL


  1. wow rm130 is really expensive just because of the Michelin star! =O


  2. my children are crazy over dumplings. they will most likely ignore the sauce anyway. :) the roll looks good too and I haven't tried rice rolled in a lotus leaf but I'm curious now.

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  4. My mouth are watering seeing varieties of foods. It looks the food are so delicious and so tasty. I had not seen most of these food before.

  5. We have Tim Ho Wan too here in the Philippines though never got to try it yet but yes I agree the Baked Bun with Bbq Pork taste great, got to try that one. :)

  6. i would definitely want to go here ! simply a dimsum freak .

  7. Oh we have that here too, but they're not-so-popular yet. They don't have that much branches right now, but it sure is one restaurant that I'd love to try especially if I want a dimsum fix. PS. Love your dress, by the way :)

  8. when THW first opened in SG, the queuing time to get a table is 2 hrs! and after trying them out, my verdict was: go somewhere else.
    and my friend, who has tried the michelin starred branch in HK, said that the taste is different. so really, queue for what?! hahaha!

  9. Huwaw! I like everything!Nomnomnom. Not sure if they have it here in Manila. Btw, you look gorgeous and super girly with that polka dot red dress!

  10. Yummy! I ahven't tried most of the food here but it sure looks good. If it looks good, eat it.

  11. Same verdict as everyone else. It's over-hyped but the char-siew bun was their star product and a must try for many people :)

  12. The food looks delicious but I prefer going to halal restaurants as opposed to non halal

  13. I'm a sucker for dimsum and I would definitely want to try them out especially the shrimp dumpling which most menu here in my country calls it hakao/hakaw, however after reading your comment on the texture of the dumpling, it kind of made me twice. Maybe it's just really over-hyped. I hope they could improve their products though.

  14. I must say I was not too impressed with a lot of the items we tasted at the Tim Ho Wan here in Manila. The pork buns were the big hit here, but I thought they were rather ordinary.

  15. We also have a Tim Ho Wan in the Philippines. It's nice to see them expand regionally.

  16. Wow, that Tim Ho Wan restaurant has such an amazing menu. All of the dishes look so delicious and prepared with such diligence and care. The atmosphere of the place seems pleasant and full of life. Love the dessert pics!

  17. I've never seen that in the Philippines yet. I believe we have it here and they are also becoming famous. I love Chinese food and I want to try this soon!

  18. Sounds like a really great place to visit! And the food looks really delicious!

  19. Wah! The Q is kind of long.. :) The food looks tempting and I guess worth the waiting for Q-ing.. :)

  20. Sounds like a great place for a nosh! It is always nice to see the food photos as a description does not always do them justice.

  21. This is so expensive and the queue is crazy! However the food looks so tempting esp the baked bun with bbq pork <3

  22. I not much impressed with the food or ambience of the restaurant but your dress rocks! Looking pretty!

  23. I kept thinking, I hope the food was worth waiting for an hour in a queue!!? It sounds to me that the outcome was mixed... Anyway, at least now you know not to buy into the hype next time.

  24. I love food very much, they are looking very delicious ,I am really in longing of your food ,thanks for posting
    have fun