Friday, December 26, 2014


Another latest craze in town beside Tim Ho Wan and MilkCow would be the Magnum Cafe. Yeah, finally I've left my foot print there. LOL 

The cafe separated to 2 floors with the upper floors only served plated desserts & hot food only while the lower floors does customised Magnum thus the long long queue. Upper floors queue is still bearable on a Friday late evening.

Twice Cooked Chicken Wings RM18
Chicken wings confit, pan roasted and  coated with tare sauce.
Very flavourful but a tad sweet to my liking.

Magnum Fondue RM60
Naked Magnum bars, kiwi, strawberry & banana, marshmallow and cakes served with the luscious Magnum chocolate(Milk/White/Dark)

My creation 😅😅😅

Assorted condiments 

Drizzled to your preference

Final outcome of the customized Magnum RM9.90

Ohh... As usual camwhoring time

Very nice Magnum wallpaper 

The GOLD Magnum 😍

Special Magnum art....

My verdict? Doubt I'll return again as its really nothing so special! 😅

Magnum Cafe 
T-023, 3rd floor (nearby GSC Cinemas) Midvalley
Sunday - Thurs: 10AM - 10PM 
Friday Saturday: 10AM - 12AM


  1. i love magnum icecream.. the place is a heaven for desert lovers

  2. We also have a Magnum Cafe here and my kids and I really enjoyed that visit very much. Too bad the mall it is in is too far, I would like to try another combination of toppings. The sour and salty complement the sweet of the chocolate very well.

  3. Ah, the magnum store wasn't set up when I visited mid valley earlier this year. Missed it! The ice-cream looks so pretty!

  4. Yummy Magnum.. Can eat with so many ways.. :) Ice-cream lovers heaven..

  5. That's good to hear that Magnum Cafe is now serving at KL, We also have here and I like how you can design your magnum ice cream "Make your own Magnum"

  6. Yummy Magnum ice cream is too yumy. I wish I could go there. I wanna design my own icecream.

  7. While I'm not so much of an ice cream person, this is one place that I would still like visit. It's good that Magnum Cafe has offerings that I can eat. Lol. Magnum's been a huge hit here in the Philippines and it's nice to see that they're getting good reviews in other countries as well.

  8. I didn't know that Magnum Cafe serves other food than ice cream! The Twice Cooked Chicken Wings looked really delicious as appetizer.

  9. I've read so many good reviews about this place and hoping for a MAGNUM branch here in Davao City.

  10. I simply love Magnum ice cream bar and I would love to make my own customized one. The dishes seems delicious.

  11. Magnum cafe?? Seriously?? I love this.. Hope this one is coming to cebu

  12. oh wow! There is a magnun cafe now in megamall. Awesome!!! At least I don't need to travel to the fort just for magnum cafe.

  13. i was there too. love my customized magnum. yum yum

  14. I love Magnun but I still haven't been to the cafe here in Manila. They look delicious! I want to try that fondue chocolate! Happy New Year!

  15. The gold Magnum looks spectacular, it is great that you can make your own creation combining different assortiments there, the Magnum cafe really rocks!

  16. There is also this kind of Magnum Cafe here in our country but never tried. I'm still a fan of the classic. :)

  17. I get your reaction to the buzz and crowds but I still think the ice cream is delicious. I've tried it and the rich chocolate coating is worth the effort. :-)