Saturday, March 12, 2016

All You Can Eat Dim Sum @ Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC (Pork Free)

Rejoice dim sum lovers! Stuff yourself silly with the amazing 'All You Can Eat Dim Sum' at Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC. The promotion is available from now until 30 April 2016 on weekends/public holidays ONLY from 11.30am to 2.30pm

Present this e-voucher to be entitle for the special price of RM50nett per person(Normal price RM60.65) for the 'All You Can Eat Dim Sum' featuring over 45 types of dim sum such as Steamed Sea Grouper and Cuttlefish Mousse Dumpling, Crystal Dumplings filled with Dried Sole, Pan-Fried Crispy Pancake filled with Prawns and Chives, Deep-fried Golden Pumpkin Balls, Rice Rolls filled with Shrimp and Yellow Chives, Congee with Peanuts and Dried Oysters, Wok-fried Radish Cake with X.O Sauce, Deep-fried Prawn Salad with Honey Dew and Sesame Seeds and many more.

Other than dim sum, Hong Kong Roasted Duck, Char Siew Chicken, desserts like Chinese Herbal Jelly, Chilled Honeydew Melon with Sago and Iced Sea Coconut with Longan and Lemon syrup is included in the 'All You Can Eat Dim Sum' menu too. Most of the dishes are served in small and average portion so you could try out most of the dishes offered in the menu. Here are some of the dishes we tried.

Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings filled with Mushrooms (Siew Mai)
Although pork free, the siew mai is commendable enough and tastes nearly as good as the real deal.

Crystal Dumplings filled with Dried Sole (Har Kaw)
Thin crystal clear skin with succulent shrimp fillings, it was marvellous.

Pearl Grouper Rolls in Lobster Broth

Handmade Fish Balls with Abalone sauce and Conpoy
The fish ball is delicious with bouncy texture.

Shrimp and Chicken Dumplings with Szechuan Soy Chilli Dressing

Crispy Kataifi wrapped Prawn Rolls
The prawn rolls are beautiful and tasty with the crispy crust.

Deep-fried Bean Curd Rolls with Cheddar Cheese and Shrimp
Oh my.... look at the melting cheese oozing out.

Deep-fried Crispy Yam Puffs with Barbecued Chicken and Mushrooms

The yam puffs generously laden with sweet, savory barbecued chicken and mushrooms are highly recommended.

Steamed Bamboo Charcoal Buns with Salted Egg Yolk Custard

Soft, fluffy bun, the custard taste is not too buttery, but I find it rather watery though.

Fragrant Oven-Baked Mini Egg Custard Tarts
Highly recommended! Lightly sweetened, the freshly baked tart is indeed a pleasure in every bite.

Wolfberry Osmanthus Jelly
A perfect end to our meal, the pretty and delightful jelly is full of healthy goodness.

Hot Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seeds

For more information or reservations enquiries, kindly call 03-2170 8888 ext 8200 or email

Tai Zi Heen
Pullman KLCC
4, Jalan Conlay, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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