Sunday, March 27, 2016

Amazing Buy 1 Free 1 Main Course Promotion @ Hei Sushi,AlamandaPutrajaya (Halal)

Japanese foods, consider as one of the healthier eating options and I'm glad that I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. Thanks to my friend invitation, I was at Hei Sushi, Alamanda Putrajaya a couple of weeks ago.  Do you know Hei Sushi is one of the very few HALAL certified Japanese restaurant in Malaysia? So my Muslim friends, now you could 'makan tanpa was-was' here. :D

Ongoing promotion of Buy 1 Free 1 on any main course meal

Omakasa Moriawase RM88.00
Omakase simply means 'entrusting' in Japanese, this is a unique culinary style where diners entrust the chef to prepare the best creation with his expertise and freshest ingredients available.
We are truly amazed with the exquisite seasonal delicacies which are air-flown in daily and prepared in finest sashimi styles. Oishii....

Jackfruit Ebi Maki RM15.99
Unique maki creation of succulent golden prawn tempura topped with jackfruit slices.

Maguro Steak RM22.99
Pan-fried tuna steak drizzled with sesame paste sauce and served with fluffy steamed bun.

Ebi Tempura RM15.99
The juicy Tiger prawn is lightly battered and fried crispy.

Saba Kara RM13.99
Grilled spicy mackerel laden with sweet onions.

Shake Kara RM18.99
This is the salmon version using the same spicy sauce.

King Platter RM49.99 
The huge platter consists of flavourful grilled to perfection chicken, striploin, salmon and prawn, complemented with mushroom, vegetable and served with Hei's signature sauce.

Saba Yaki RM12.99
Grilled succulent mackerel served with Hei's signature sambal sauce.

Ika Teriyaki RM14.99

Chawanmushi RM6.99
Heavenly silky smooth steamed egg with prawn, gingko and shimeji mushroom.

Shake Ankake Chawanmushi RM7.99
Hei's signature chawanmushi. Flavourful salmon clear soup with steamed egg and tender chunks of salmon. Pretty interesting, salmon lover must try!

Matcha Ice-cream

Black Sesame Ice-cream

Jackfruit Temptations RM8.99
Sweet, luscious pairing of crisp golden tempura jackfruit is served with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream.

So if you happen to be in Alamanda Putrajaya, take advantage of the awesome 'Buy 1 Free 1 Main Course' deal.

Hei Sushi
Alamanda Shopping Mall
Jalan Alamanda, Presint 1,
62000 Putrajaya.
Tel : 03-8893 1066

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