Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Different Ice Creams for Different Moments with Magnum PinkorMagnumBlack

Hi, lovelies! What kind of mood are you in today? Are you feeling fun or sophisticated? Do you know our personalities are expressed through our moods on an everyday basic, moving through a pantone chart of emotions and more often than not, colours also reflect our feeling. While we could dress up in colour to express how we feel, personal moods can now be expressed through the ice cream of your choice.

Last week, I was invited to the Magnum Pink and Black party held at Aloft, Kuala Lumpur. The chic party, prevalent from the entrance right into the venue hall. We were greeted with a personalised sensor tag wristband to be used throughout the event. 

There are four customised Pink & Black stations whereby we could opt for our mood colour of the moment. These moods will be accumulated and showcased on Magnum's magnificent stage, giving live updates on what the Magnum mood of the night was at that moment. Yay.... Pink is leading. :p

Finding out my mood of the night with the Magnum Moodology kiosk. Can you guess what is my mood? Well, it's actually the sophiscated black. Hehehe....

Magnum Pink & Black Pleasure Bar serving drinks and desserts inspired by the two new ice creams.

Ohhh.... look at all the lovely Black indulgence vs Pink indulgence. Special creation of mocktails and desserts. Which would be your pick?

The new Magnum Pink & Black are specially created to reflect different consumer personalities.

Magnum Black embodies true sophistication with an intense black espresso swirled through smooth vanilla ice cream and covered in a thick layer of premium dark Tanzanian Chocolate, creating a supreme and redefined taste that appeals to both gourmet coffee and chocolate lovers alike.

Magnum Pink boasts lush, silky Pink Pomegranate flavoured ice cream with delicate swirls of Pomegranate sauce. A pearlescent layer of world-renowned Pink Belgian chocolate on the outside envelopes every inch of the ice cream. Moreover, the tangy Pomegranate and the inviting Pink hue certainly reflects fun, exuberance and playfulness.

Make My Magnum station was also available for us to personalized our Magnum Pink & Magnum Black ice cream.

The evening kicked off with an energetic dance performance showcasing pink and black moods via motion, tempo and light effects.

The event was concluded with the powerful performance by Ning Baizura, Malaysia's songstress.

Beside the sweet treats, we had so much fun taking photo for remembrance at the Magnum Moment booth.

With the lovely, Jojo and Linora.

And of course a pic with Ning Baizura.

#wefie :p

Magnum's mark another milestone with the launch of Magnum Pink & Magnum Black and you could expect a host of roadshow and in-store promotions to introduce the two new variants. Thanks Magnum for having me.

To discover more on Magnum Pink and Magnum Black and your Magnum Mood Colour of the Moment, please visit www.MagnumPinkandBlack.com.my.

Facebook : www.facebook.com/MagnumMalaysia

Instagram : www.instagram.com/Magnum_My

*Watermarked photos credit to Leon Ng. 

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