Friday, September 9, 2016

New Flavour Mooncakes @ Resorts World Genting

The Mid-Autumn Festival is here again! How time flies. Families and friends gathered to watch the moon, while indulging in the Mid-Autumn traditional delights, mooncakes. Besides the traditional favourite such as red bean paste mooncake, low-sugar white lotus paste, traditional lotus paste with single yolk, lotus paste with double yolk, Ng Yan [assorted nut mooncake] and Kam Tui (nuts and preserved fruit mooncake), green tea lotus paste and durian lotus paste, white lotus paste with black sesame yolk, Golden Jade with single yolk, Pu Er lotus paste with single yolk and blueberry paste mooncake with single yolk, this year Resorts World Genting introduces a more subtly creative options.


Golden Jade with Lime and Nuts RM17.90

 Golden Jade with Buttermilk Custard RM17.90

 Sweet Corn Paste with Caramel Nuts and Cheese Jingsa RM17.90

 White Lotus Paste with Dried Mandarin Orange Jingsa RM17.90

 Light Snow Skin Mango with Pomelo RM17.90

My personal favourite new flavours are the refreshing Light Snow Skin Mango with Pomelo and  slighty zesty Golden Jade with Lime and Nuts. Totally addictive!

Beginning from now until September 15 2016, guests to Malaysia’s favourite highland getaway will be able to take home boxes of delight in the shape of some tried-and-true flavours, and some unique creations. During this period, specially designed God of Wealth cookies is also available for sale. These shaped biscuits are made using the recipe for traditional mooncake pastry, and are thus, perfect with freshly brewed black tea.

The mooncake counters are available at the entrance of Cloud 9, Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant, Resort Hotel Lobby, Hainan Kitchen will be offering these festive offerings daily from 12.00 noon to 8.00 pm and the Wisma Genting OneHub will be from Monday to Friday from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. For purchases of 50 boxes and above of any four-piece variant sets, guests are entitled to 30 percent discount. The discount is not applicable to God of Wealth cookies and Kam Tui mooncakes. Did you know all mooncakes sold are produced in Hotel’s mooncake production kitchen? Hurry, get yours today!
For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to

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