Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wong Wok 'Dai Chao' @ Lot 10 Hutong

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend a luncheon hosted by Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Managing Director of YTL Corporation ( held at Wong Wok, Lot 10 Hutong. If you don't know yet, the Lot 10 Hutong gourmet heritage village is a unique concept eatery offering a wide selection of the best local comfort foods under one roof. Every stall is personally hand-picked and is already recognised as a master of its craft, from noodles, pastries and even soups. It was also highly raved about and recommended by scores of foodies as well as the international media. Hence, if you are a street food lover, a visit to Lot 10 Hutong is indeed a culinary odyssey into the world of Asian street cuisine.

From left : Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Chef Wong and Joseph Yeoh.

Fried Crab Noodle
Flavourful noodle fried to perfection, so tasty it was devoured within seconds.

Chili Crab
Wonderful spicy with a nice hint of sweetness, the superb fresh mud crab was absolutely delicious. Highly recommended!

Sang Har Sang Mee (Dancing Prawn)
Scrumptious with a distinct 'wok hei' flavour, this is a signature dish not to be missed. However, it'd be perfect if the noodle portion was a little more though. It's so good you just want more. Lol

Pai Ku at Wong

Sweet and Sour Pork
One of the best I have had, this old school sweet and sour pork was another winner. Lightly battered, the pork was tender and succulent. Highly recommended!

Foo Yong Egg

Braised Yam & Pork Belly
Rich and savoury, the pork belly literally melts in your mouth, truly an ultimate comfort food.

Steamed Salted Fish & Minced Pork
The minced pork lightly infused with salted fish was aromatic and delicious.

Beef Hor Fun

Yong Chow Fried Rice

According to Tan Sri Francis which owns the Lot 10 Hutong brand. "Good comfort food is a catharsis. Although many of these dishes were created and refined by immigrants from China to Nanyang (a Chinese term referring to the South-East Asian region which surrounds the South China Sea), it is time to bring back this unique cuisine to share with, not only the rest of China, but the world. These dishes should all be classified as national treasures - albeit edible ones!"

Wow..... Wong Wok Chili Crab for RM39.90! (Market price)

Head over to Wong Wok at Lot 10 Hutong, Kuala Lumpur for the best and reasonably priced 'Dai Chao' delights.

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