Monday, January 23, 2017

Mom, Can You Hear Me?

Yay.... 5 more days to Chinese New Year! My family always looks forward to the Spring Festival as it is the time our family and relatives near and far get together for some fun family bonding moments. Mind you, our family gatherings are usually rather noisy and loud, especially for my mom's side of family. 

However, this year, I am not too sure if my mom would enjoy it as much as she do the past year. Of late, I noticed my mom experiencing hearing difficulties which affected her day-to-day routines such as communicating effectively, watching TV and listening to radio. Nowadays, talking on the phone is tough and often we will need to repeat ourselves too. 
"Mom, Can you hear me?" 

Lately, she also seems to be kind of depressed and began to withdraw from friends and neighbours. I guess, she must be feeling embarrassed about not understanding what is being said when communicating with others. Deep down, I am worried her condition might get worse to the extend of disconnected from us. Frankly, at the moment, I am really clueless and have no idea where to seek the right help or treatment for my mom. Better communication will be good for us and I only wanted her to be safe and sound. :(

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