Saturday, March 11, 2017

Authentic Japanese Dining @ Aragan Yokocho, Quill City Mall

Konnichiwa.... If you are wondering, nooooo..... I'm not in Japan! :p
Greetings from the first and largest Japanese restaurant in Asia, Aragan Yokocho. The restaurant located in Quill City Mall measured approximately 18,848 sq. ft features an interesting four seasons ambiance of spring, summer, autumn and winter with 10 different dining concepts.  Diners can indulge in an array of more than 200 types of Japanese food while being entertained by soon to be introduced monthly Japanese cultural events and Japanese shows.

My favourite of them all, Autumn! Simply beautiful and scenic.

Bright and colourful for the Summer.

For those who love to experience the authentic Japanese culinary experience, you should check out the traditional Tatami dining area.

Each table in the restaurant is equipped with an iPad hence order could be placed with just a simple touch. Beside the wide choice available on the a la carte menu Aragan Yokocho also introduces 4 seasons Lunch & Dinner set menu opening promotion priced at RM25.00 only for Lunch set while Dinner set cost RM36.00 which is truly value for money.

Haru Set RM36.00
Japanese white rice topped with salmon & fish roe served with crispy chicken wings and green tea pudding.

All the seafoods are freshly flown in weekly from Japan hence you could experience fresh and authentic Japanese dining here. 

Aromatic and succulent chicken wings.

Fuyu Set RM36.00
Chicken & mushroom stew in a light soya sauce served with white rice, premium raw egg & green tea pudding.
Please excuse my add on salmon slices. Lol

The stew was tasty and bold in flavour, maybe a tad sweet, but acceptable and paired well with the fluffy white rice. 

The fresh salmon slices were subtly sweet in taste. 

Natsu Set RM36.00
Deep fried chicken & vegetable, premium raw octopus, tempura snack and Japanese sake.

Fresh and springy octopus. 

From front : Eringi(almond mushroom), Sausage, Okura(lady finger), Shitake & Tori Momo(chicken thigh).
As for the tempura, IMHO, it was pretty greasy and not nicely coated.

Beef Sukiyaki RM32.00
Well marbled beef cooked in the sweet broth with vegetable, mushroom, tofu and egg.

Hoke RM19.00
Grilled atka seasoned mackerel fish was juicy and flavourful.

Oyako Don RM18.00
Delicious chicken and egg rice bowl, best comforting food ever. 

Yaki Edamame RM10.00
The pan roasted green soybean was tasty and packed with sesame oil fragrant.

Kurogoma Monaka RM12.00
Sesame ice cream served with wafer.

Matcha Parfait RM12.00
Green tea icecream parfait. 

Besides satisfy your hunger pangs, Aragan Yokocho also offers Yukata experience available for both ladies and gentlemen at no EXTRA COST!

The staff will be on hand to help you dressed in yukata. Now check out some of the best spot for photos in the restaurant I took wearing yukata.

The corner of the Spring section with bamboo plants as backdrop.

The autumn tree.

Earth toned winter dining area.

Aragan Yokocho restaurant is totally instagram-worthy not only for its food but also nice spot for OOTD.

All in all, it was an awesome dining experience here with decent foods, great ambiance and attentive service. Definitely worth checking out the Lunch & Dinner set menu promotion available for a limited time only. Don't miss out!

Aragan Yokocho 
Lot LG20, Lower Ground Floor,
Quill City Mall,
No 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2856 0259 / 016-201 9168

Business hour :
11am - 3pm (Daily)
5pm - 10pm (Daily)

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