Monday, March 6, 2017

March Promotion - Crispylicious Peking Duck & Flaming Hot Pot @ ZuanYuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel


Ohh la la..... Crispy skin and luscious meat, introducing Beijing’s most famous dish, the Peking duck! A delicacy best paired with cucumber, spring onion and goose liver sauce wrapped in Chinese pancake, every bite was divine indeed. 

To get the flavours right, specific temperature and seasoning mix are required for the preparation. True enough, the laborious dish proved to be outstanding. 

Roasted and sliced to perfection, the golden crispy skin crackles on every bite and the tender meat overwhelms the palate in a delectable way.  


Peking Duck all wrapped up and steam until nice and hot before being served. 

Fried Rice with Diced Duck Meat

The flesh could also be manifested in various forms such as Fried Rice with Diced Duck Meat and Assorted Vegetables, Fried Egg Noodles with Shredded Duck Meat or even Wok Fried with a choice of either Black Pepper, Spring Onion and Ginger or Spices, Pepper and Salt.

The Peking Duck is available for lunch and dinner throughout the month of March priced at RM98.00nett per duck. This is definitely a dish not to be missed!

Best comfort food for rainy nights, are you on the lookout for the best steamboat indulgence? Well, hunt no more as Xuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant proud to introduce their wholesome hot pot soup base with a combination of the finest meat, fresh seafood and vegetables that are sure to excite your senses. The set meal as seen above is good for 10 persons consists of generous helpings of Live Tiger Prawn, Live Sea Clam, Garoupa Fillet, Salted Vegetable, Long Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Crystal Noodle, White Bean Curd, Fish Noodle, Homemade Squid Ball, Homemade Prawn Ball, Homemade Fish Ball, Homemade Fish Paste with Bean Curd Skin, Homemade Century Egg with Bean Curd Skin, Homemade Dumpling and Chicken slices.

Homemade Prawn Ball & Homemade Squid Ball

Homemade Fish Ball

Homemade Dumpling

Crystal Noodles

Garoupa Fillet 

Live Sea Clam

Live Tiger Prawn

Homemade Century Egg with Bean Curd Skin

Simply addictive.

For more oomph, add fried shallot oil into the broth and dip the noshes into the Homemade Chilli Sauce or the Homemade Hot and Spicy Garlic Sauce. Best described as simple and delectable, the unique flavours conjured from the pot will definitely leave you spellbound.

The choice of ingredients makes Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant a winner in food that is both tasty and healthy. The Hot Pot promotion is priced at RM100.00nett per person with a minimum order for six persons is available for dinner (6.30pm to 10.30pm) only. Come and savour the delectable pleasures that await! 

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant is the apt choice for any dining soiree. It has private rooms, catering for a maximum of 30 diners and 120 seating capacity for an intimate wedding affair. For more information or reservation enquiries, please call 603 7681 1159. Alternatively, please email to

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