Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hear Better with Nessa Asia

Hello, lovely Sunday! Spent my evening, having a simple dinner with my mom. To be honest, I know I'm not spending enough quality time with her.  Ok, guilty as charged! Hence, when I find out she's having hearing difficulty, I am trying my best to sort for the best solutions or treatment for her, to make up for being a such unfilial daughter. :( In case you don't know yet, earlier this year I realised my mom having hearing difficulties. From countless of hearing aids brands to different type of treatment option available in the market, thanks to a friend's recommendation, I finally decided on Nessa hearing aids.

A little introduction on Nessa, Asia's most innovative hearing solutions provider which believe in a holistic approach in helping people to reconnect with all that's important. It is the world's first subscription package with made in Denmark smart hearing aids co-designed with Apple to ensure the best quality equipped with TV and iPhone wireless connection to enable user to enjoy their favourite shows and activities in comfort while at the same time experience clearer conversation with loved ones.

I absolutely love the easy access to Nessa by clicking on to the website or even just thru a phone call. Finally, I've made my appointment for my mom and can't wait for the professional audiologist from Nessa to start their testing and fitting for her.

Mom, I want you to know you are still the only that matters to me. I am looking forward to your better hearing journey with Nessa.

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