Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Blogger Get-together With PostMag @ Chateau de Charles

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining an exclusive blogger's get together session with PostMag. Instead of meeting at the restaurant, we met up at PostMag's office, hopped into our chauffeured limousine and had the chauffeur take us to the Le Gardenz at Balakong. Never in my life, have I thought that I will be riding in such luxurious limousine, it was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity indeed.

The limousine seats about 8-10 passengers, can be used for special occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings and special events. Book the limousine for a night out or choose your preferred point to point destination, the fees vary according to the duration of your ride, starting from RM3000 for 3 hours, RM5400 for 6 hours or RM7500 for 12 hours.

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After about half an hour ride, we arrived in style at Le Gardenz Cafe.
The cafe located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur with serene and calm surrounding exudes a cosy and laid-back ambiance, diners could chill and casual dine amid the lush greenery.

For a more refined dining experience, you could head over to Chateau de Charles. The menu features delectable, Western cuisine made with the finest ingredients and complemented by an excellent variety of wine. The intimate interior with warm colours gives this restaurant an elegant ambiance, perfect for an intimate meal with a loved one. Here are a few of our favourite dishes for the evening.

Mushroom Soup
The creamy soup served in a bread bowl was made from scratch using 4 different types of mushroom such as shitake, portabella, oyster mushroom and button mushroom. It was flavourful but a tad too salty for my taste.

Lava Rock Chicken Chop
Perfectly baked, the chicken served on a bed of chips was moist and tender with a nice smoky flavour.

Beef Short Rib
Absolutely tender, the rib was braised to a perfect texture and glazed with Mediterranean BBQ sauce which adds a great depth of flavour.
Honey Mustard Salmon
Beautifully presented, the salmon served with homemade honey mustard sauce was flaky and succulent.

The house red wine, Coldridge (South Eastern Australia) was lovely, rounded palate with fruity and gentle spicy flavours.

Chateau de Charles features an extensive collection of more than 200 wines from around the world, we bet you'll find your favourite wine to relax and unwind with great food.

Chateau de Charles
Le’ Gardenz Cafe
Lot 24646, Jalan KPB 5,
Kawasan Perindustrian Kg. Baru Balakong,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Phone : +6019-301 0108

Last but not least, we also get to bring home a lovely personalized mug courtesy of Block Chain Forest.
One for the album! A fun-filled night of good food and great company, thanks for having us, PostMag! XOXO


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