Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Top 3 Fun Things To do In SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Hey! When was the last time you visited Resort World Genting? If it's been a while, oohh... did you know you're missing out on so much fun? While there's so much to do uphill, here are our recommendation on the top 3 fun things to do in SkyAvenue, simply because we loved it so much and we believe you would too.

Alive Museum is the latest optical illusion museum in Sky Avenue, Genting Highland. The 4D museum combined art pieces with interaction painted by South Korean artists were so surreal, bringing imaginations comes to life. This is indeed a great place to have hours of fun with family, friends, both young and old, taking insta-worthy photo. Don't believe me? Well, here are some of our favourite photos we took during our visit last weekend.

When dragon comes to life, only at Alive Museum. So magnificent rite?

Help! I'm falling....
If you want an awesome photo, don't be shy to interact like you are in the painting. Pose like you are really falling and scream at the top of your lungs.

Omg... hang in there! I'm coming to save you.

Help!!! Trapped in a snow globe with my partner in crime, Shirley. :p

 Keep calm and fly.

I'm so strong that I can lift a jeep and save the world! Even superheroes are afraid of me. Lol

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

We spent about one hour to take photos at every spot. It was so much fun and entertaining. There are many photo pointers to guide you on which angle to take the best effect photos. Not to mention, the friendly and accommodating staff at Alive Museum will also offer to help take photos.

Entrance fee : 
Alive Museum
Adult RM50 (Normal) RM45 (Member)
Child RM45 (Normal) RM40 (Member)
2) Jurassic Centre

Over 70 dinosaurs were brought to life here at Jurassic Centre, Sky Avenue. Aside from taking photos with the life-size dinosaur replicas such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Giganotosaurus and many other dinosaurs, you could also learn more on the different dinosaur species, from the world's biggest dinosaurs to artifacts of lost worlds of tribes and tortures.

It was indeed an eye-opening experience to get up close and personal with these creatures from millions of years ago, watching it moved its huge head from side to side, let out a roar and showing a jaw full of sharp teeth.

The education journey has a variety of informative exhibits and displays with hands-on interactive activity center for the children and adults.


Entrance fee : 
Jurassic Research Center Sky Avenue
Adult RM50 (Normal) RM45 (Member)
Child RM45 (Normal) RM40 (Member)

3) Zombie Outbreak
Next, get ready to feel the FEAR at Zombie Outbreak!
Roaming zombies and the undead on the streets, just when you thought you could seek shelter in the abandoned house, think again. It's time to face your fear and scream your head off!
Overall, we had so much fun exploring the spooky and creepy Zombie Outbreak. The bone-chilling thrill and the scary sound effects, it was indeed out of the world experience.

Entrance fee : 
Zombie Outbreak
Adult RM50 (Normal) RM45 (Member)
Child RM45 (Normal) RM40 (Member)

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After a long day of running around, there is nothing more relaxing than treating your sore feet to a foot reflexology, hence we decided to take advantage of the Healing Touch Spa's RM48 early bird promo for 30 minutes foot reflexology. The foot reflexology at Healing Touch Spa begins with a foot steam to soften and stimulate the blood circulation of our feet.

We love the cosy and relaxing ambiance, not to mention, the friendly therapist who constantly check with us the pressure as well as our comfort level. Besides foot reflexology, the one-stop beauty center also offers fish spa, body massages, mani-pedi and hair salon services. Our feet felt so weightless and stress-free after the foot reflexology at the Healing Touch Spa. We were served a cup of warm ginger tea after our pampering session, such a blissful way to end our day.

Healing Touch Spa
Level 4, Sky Avenue Genting

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