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Empress Semi-Permanent Make Up 专业纹绣化妆美容 @ Kajang

Confession! I have always hated my eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of the important features on our face that truly enhance our appearance and facial features. Unfortunately, being a typical Chinese, I was naturally born with extremely sparse eyebrows, hence, I've had my eyebrows embroidered years ago to get the eyebrows of my dream. Long story short, my eyebrows were perfect back then until the embroidery faded and turns copper brown, yet it just won't fade off. So for years, I would literally fill in my eyebrows with eyebrows pencil for bolder and more defined eyebrows. Apparently, the reddish eyebrows happen due to the poor quality of pigments and would require being removed with laser which will hurt like hell and not to mention, cost a bomb too. No, thank you! Lol
Over the years, I learned to embrace my copper brown eyebrows, until I was introduced to Sara by a dear friend recently. Unlike any other eyebrows embroidery therapist I've met, Sara was confident in correcting my copper brown eyebrows. Omg... finally, after so long.

These are my natural brows, with no touch up of powder, pencil or whatsover. There are a little hairs and I usually need to spend at least 5 minutes on my brow routine every morning. *cry* You know, drawing in my eyebrows really makes a whole world of difference. LOL

Sara skillfully drew my preferred eyebrows shape that best compliment my face. Patiently, she works with my face shape and refining my features.
Once the shape has been determined, she applied numbing topical cream to the area to be embroidered thus there will be minimal discomfort. On a side note, my face was numb too, but this was for a different treatment.
With her steady hand, she then picked a pigment colour, fresh blade and start working her magic. The first few minutes were relatively painless, but towards the end, it started to hurt a little but still bearable. The entire microblading process took about half an hour plus. Sarah also managed to lighten my copper brown eyebrows by using a special colour concealer. The eyebrows embroidery can last up to a year with proper care and regular touch ups.

Immediately after the eyebrows embroidery. No redness, no downtime, the colour appear significantly darker, however, the colour will fade as the scabs fall off within 5 to 7 days. It is also necessary to return for a touch up session after approximately 4 weeks.

Here's my brows before touch up.

A month later, as the colour came off, I returned for touch-up with a couple more layers to get it darker and to ensure the brows looks perfect. Again, no redness or downtime, but I do felt slightly more painful during the touch-up procedure.

#browsonfleek all day, everyday!

Now I could wake up with beautiful brows.

 Face Rejuvenation (V-Shaped)
Okay, aside to my eyebrows, I've been struggling with my chubby cheeks, hyperpigmentation and dull skin problems too. As I've always said, you can't spot reduction on fat with exercise, especially in the face. I have always had a rather chubby face, hence, when Sara suggested me to go for 'Face Rejuvenation', I literally jumped at the chance. A slimmer and leaner cheeks, V-shaped face is definitely the ideal face shape favoured by most of  the ladies.

Prior to the treatment, the treated area was applied with numbing topical cream. This non surgical treatment involves the injections of a lipolytic solution into multiple points at the side of the face and below the jawline. The solution made of natural ingredients such as Soy Isoflavone Ferment, Visnadine, Carnitine, Escin and Theophyline breaks down and emulsifies the fat stored in fat cells and also generate collagen to improve skin elasticity. I get about 20 shots on my face at once, the pain was there but tolerable.

After the injections, the treated area was massaged to ensure even distribution of the product.

Apart from some mild swelling and bruising, there's no downtime or side effects. It will takes at least one month to see the results as the progression of enhancement is gradual. Depending on individual needs, usually, two or more sessions are required to get the best results.

Here's a comparison picture of before and after the first week.
Can you see the difference?

By the third week, my face look slimmer and more defined, whilst the jawline are noticeably sharper too. (Simple makeup without contouring)

Brightening Treatment

On the other hand, to combat my hyperpigmentation and dull skin, Sara recommended me the 'Brightening Treatment' cocktail made of natural botanical extracts to brighten the dark spots on the face, reduce the melanin production and reverses the oxidised forms of melanin.

The non invasive treatment incur little pain with no downtime as the numbing cream was administrated beforehand.

One shade lighter and a more even skin tone in two weeks.

The treatment also helps to lighten the appearance of my stubborn pigmentation. However, a series of treatments will be required for a lighter fairer skin tone.

Sara is professionally trained in Korea and well-experienced in minimally invasive cosmetic injectables procedures.

Thank you for making ME a BETTER ME!
Thanks Sara for the amazing work, which definitely changed me for the better. It's been three months since my first visit and my eyebrows still look perfect.

Empress Semi-Permanent Make Up provides a whole range of beauty services that include Korean embroidery treatment for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, face rejuvenation treatment( V shaped), anti-aging treatment, brightening treatment and Korean mini tattoo. Her sweet and lovely pink studio is located at No 11, 1st Floor, Jalan Damai Mewah 1A, Taman Damai Mewah, 43000 Kajang. (inside of Ai Nail House)

For more information or to schedule an appointment, kindly call 016-606 1218 or WeChat @empress0166061218

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