Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Attic Bar X D.O.P Italian Concept

Nothing beats a glass of bubbly and such beautiful sunset, just blissful! A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of joining the partnership of The Attic Bar & D.O.P Italian Concept celebration. Tucked away on the rooftop of one of Chinatown's hippest hostels, lies an undiscovered gem, The Attic Bar, a well-hidden bar that absolutely worth a visit. The rooftop bar not only churns out exquisite cocktails but also offer a spectacular sunset view over the south of Kuala Lumpur and the Twin Towers, the KL Tower and the new Merdeka Tower.

Located on the third floor of Travel Hub Guesthouse, you will need to go through old wooden stairs, rooms with an old Chinatown motif and climbing up an old school spiral stairs to reach The Attic Bar. In conjunction with the collaboration, The Attic Bar also launches an exciting new menu by D.O.P Italian concept, offering contemporary mouthwatering Italian bites.

Truffle Arancini
Aromatic and flavourful crispy rice balls generously filled with blue cheese, saffron and green peas.

Skewered meats of juicy chicken legs and tender lamb for carnivore lovers.

Some of the favourites on the menu include D.O.P.'s Lasagne, Pizzas and Homemade pastas including a new Truffle Ecstacy, truffle, parmesan and arugula wrapped in a white pizza. For those with a hearty appetite, you can opt for the Roasted Chicken in Mediterranean Herbs or tackle the Milanese, crispy tender veal coated in golden breadcrumbs. Don't forget to end it with the fluffy Tiramisu or the Sexy Chocolate bites, guaranteed to round off your meal or your cocktail.

Dragon Lady
Inspired by the Mother of Dragons from the Game of Thrones, this cocktail has all her attributes. Passionfruit for her sweetness, vodka for her intoxicating charm, lime for her sharpness and dragon fruit for her fire.

Lychee Tuak
Malaysia's famous local rice wine combined with the all-time favourite lychee and lime to give a flavour that will bowl you over.

The Attic Bar now offers a full range of wines from Luretta, direct from the family-owned Luretta D.O.P's vineyard in Luretta Valley in Piacenza, located in the famous wine region of Emilia Romagna at the north of Italy. Featuring organically grown grapes, this reflects the philosophy of D.O.P, which emphasises quality and natural ingredients to provide a full natural flavour in all its products.

The Principessa, a beautiful sparkly and floral wine bottled and brewed in Method Classic.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Embodies an intense ruby red colour, mint balsamic fragrance and spice tones together with primary flavours of red berry. Its palate is smooth and clean, bursting with flavours of blackberry and blueberry.

If you fancy to chill over an amazing selection of handcrafted cocktails, delectable food and great sunset views, you'll surely love to check out The Attic Bar.

The Attic Bar (Rooftop)
No 15, Jalan Balai Polis,
50000 KL
Reservation : 012-393 8627

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