Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fun Night Out @ Bar Tailor, Damansara Kim

For a truly unique and fun night out, you ought to check out Bar Tailor! Nestled in Damansara Kim, this speakeasy bar is located behind a hidden door on the first floor of the shoplot, considerably easy to find(compared to other speakeasy I've been to) Bar Tailor is a stunning space that combines innovative cocktail mixology and fine suit tailoring, their menu is made up of an array of signature and classic cocktails, draft beer, wine and liquor as well as a variety of delectable light snacks, main course and desserts.

Enter through the hidden door emblazoned with a drawing of Marilyn Monroe to uncover Damansara Kim's best kept secrets!

Inside, you're greeted by elegant leather furnishings, lavish decor, timber floor and antique wood panelling with hits from the 90's blasting.

Dimly lit, the bar exudes a posh yet cosy and relaxed ambiance.

Main bar

Our scrumptious spread for the evening.

Crispy Fried Koebi RM20
Perfectly crispy, these delicate and sweet deep fried shrimp were utterly addictive and not greasy at all.

Ika-Geso Karaage RM20
Equally good, these mouth-watering crisp and slightly chewy squid tentacles go perfectly well with beer, cocktail or even wine.

Baby Octopus with Tailor Signature Sauce RM19
We especially loved these boiled baby octopus, ohh so juicy and succulent. Best enjoyed with house-made Tailor Signature Sauce, a sweet and tangy with a hint of lemongrass flavour sauce.

Creamy Salted Egg Claypot Rice RM28
The highlight dish of our visit! Served piping hot in a claypot, the rice comes with an abundance of succulent chicken chunks topped with rich and creamy salted egg sauce plus a generous helpings of onions. Simply addictive, this claypot rice has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours.The portion is fairly large, good for sharing.

Scarlet Bolognese Pasta RM22
The spaghetti served with pork meatballs on the other hand was a let down, as it was a little bland in flavour for my liking. Texture wise, it was pretty decent!

Smoke In The Water RM38
We started our evening with this unassuming teapot filled with gin-based cocktail infused with floral syrups and osmanthus tea. Literally, aromatherapy in a teapot, this delicate, lightly sweet and sour cocktail leaves a subtle floral aftertaste lingering in the throat. I love it!

Tuxedo RM43
Gosh.... this is too adorable!
However, taste wise it was completely opposite. The concoction made of smokey whiskey, sweet vermouths, aromatic bitters, rice water and sweeten with chrysanthemum syrup exudes a bitter-sweet and strong smoky flavour is truly a MASCULINE drink!

Have You Met Jane RM36
Apparently, this drink is named after the co-founder of the Bar Tailor. Have you met her? :p
Easy to drink and refreshing, this tropical concoction infused with blue curacao was a surprise mixology from the bartender!

Mind Blower RM45
Another aesthetically pleasing cocktail, this drink served with a helium-filled balloon is cute to look at and fun to drink. This spice-infused cocktail features a special potion of Bourbon whiskey, maraschino liq, pineapple juice and a dash of cardamum and white pepper. A robust yet refreshing and Instragrammable cocktail for sure!

Nostalgia 57
A toast to Merdeka! We are pleased to try this special edition drink available in conjunction with the Merdeka Day. Served in a coconut shell cup, this well-bodied, sweet and sour cocktail paired perfectly with the snack.

Good food and awesome cocktails accompanied by great live performance, Bar Tailor is the best place to chill, unwind, suit up and drink!

No suit? Fret not! You can always tailor-make your suit with the friendly and down-to-earth Tommy Cha here at Bar Tailor.

Bar Tailor
42-A, Level 1,
Jalan SS20/10,
Damansara Kim,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 012-260 5006

Business hours :
4pm to 1am (Mon - Fri)
5pm to 2am (Sat)
Closed on Sundays

Facebook :

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  1. Looks like a nice place to chill and their food looks good. The Tuxedo so cute! :D