Saturday, January 10, 2015


With the holiday season just over, I'm sure most of you gained a little weight. Let's start detox now so you will look your best in 2015.

I am glad to be introduced to FreshCode. Frankly, I hardly buy juices outside as I believe it would be too diluted and loaded with lots of sugar. Moreover, there's a saying of "Any fresher, you will need to peel it yourself" So yeah, that's what I've did making my own juices at home. Bought myself the Hurom cold pressed juice which cost me a bomb. However, it's kinda tedious with lots of washing and cleaning required. Ohh well.... for the sake of health.

Until, I get to know of Fresh Code concept. At Freshcode, fully ripened fruits are selected from the best orchards. Once the fruits harvested, they will be extracted by cold squeeze into juice not later than six hours. Another plus point will be the Juicery are build close to farms that supply fresh fruits and vegetables all year long.

The juice will be pasteurized using HPP technology where more than 90% of microbes been eliminated. HPP juice is well kept under -18C frozen warehouse and delivered using reefer chain all the way to Malaysia.
6000 Bar cold water pressure applied to the vacuum pack to improves food safety and retains all the nutrients and original taste of FreshCode 100% HPP Raw Juice.

All juices carries a specific healthy code. For instance, Berry Blast 6836 simply means a cup of Berry Blast contains 68 pieces of berries with 36 nutrients benefited to human body. 

Love the relaxing wood element seating.

Beside juices, sorbet are available too. I've tried out mango, lychee (top) and passion fruit (bottom) It tasted so pure and rich, even the lychee is not as sweet as what I thought it will be. So this is the real lychee taste! 😅

Family pack are available now! So what's your excuses not to start healthy lifestyle, since it's so convenient to drink straight from pack. 

List price of 1kg family pack.
Do you know, 1 kg of mango juice equilvant to 40 pcs of mangoes? And it only cost RM20! So affordable rite? It's cheaper than buying your own fruit and juicing it yourself. Plus you get fully ripe fruits with the best flavour and good taste.

For those who followed me on my social media, you would realized I've been posting pictures of juices daily since last week. Yes, I'm on a 7 days detox challenge with Freshcode. Honestly, I am very determined to go on a full juice diet at least for 3 days! 😁

Here are my cleansing diet:

Monday - Green Miracle 
Parsley+Pear+Brocolli+Lotus Root
Helps to controls blood pressure, boost immune system.

Tuesday - High Fiber Pineapple
High fiber good for digestion.

Wednesday - Passion Juice
Dietary fibre help remove cholesterol.

Thursday - Soursop Juice
Protect immune system and avoid deadly infections.

Friday - Multifruit Vital
Pineapple+Mango+Passion Fruit+Banana
Enhance bone health and lower blood pressure.

Saturday - Mango Juice
High level of fiber, pectin and vitamin C help to lower serum cholesterol levels.

Sunday - Durian 
It's a wrap, let's indulge! Hahaha....

Since I'm often on the go outside, I stored my juices in a thermo flask.

IMO, soursop, mango and pineapple taste the best! While I least enjoy durian as it's too milky taste. 

HPP juice is without preservative, artificial colour or flavour, it is truly pure & natural.

For more information, please visit 

No 23, Jalan Ss21/37,
Damansara Utama(Uptown)
Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-77317628


  1. Quite a list of juices eh? But it's better to be health conscious than regret in the later days of our life. Now, I have to squeeze some oranges and make my juices. Great products you have here. :D

  2. This is something good to try. But for the moment I'll content myself doing my own juice at home.

  3. I do not think I can survive a full detox diet. I can only replace one meal with a juice.

  4. I like fresh juices, I will probably try all those juices, hopefully it will available in our country.

  5. I will try this if available in my city. The sorbets are a must-try for me, especially if freshly made.

  6. I haven't tried a detox diet but I always love drinking fruit juice without much sugar :) Great post review!

  7. Oh my God! That is so affordable! I wish we have something like that here in Cebu! I love fruit juices!

  8. I love sorbet!! Love fruit juice bars - looks to be lots of choice and 68 berries in the Berry Blast? That is definitely on your way to your 5 a day! :) Sim @ x

  9. The place looks quite cosy. I would love to try all the sorbets and juices.

  10. Just what I needed! The winters are almost coming to an end and the extra Kgs that I put on this season is quite evident.

  11. Healthy drink... I'd love to have a glass of it.. Will drop by when I go uptown!

  12. I'm a big fan of health juices and this place looks so cool! It's nice that you can buy packages to bring home!

  13. detox diet..hhhmmmmm... i dont know if i can do it, lol

  14. Does Freshcode do delivery to client's house? There's a lot fresh juice concept in singapore, but they are super expensive! Just be careful of the high sugar content in these fruits ya! :)

  15. Looking at all those delicious drinks made me thirsty for a fresh fruit smoothies. They all look healthy.

  16. Wow, I love this idea of detox after the winter fattening celebrations and meals. I would love to try these amazing natural products and juices that will definitely revive my skin and detox my body!

  17. I want to try Fresh Code! The juices seem delicious and pure.

  18. A juice detox is something I have never tried before, but am curious about. It might have to go on my bucket list!