Thursday, January 8, 2015


Do you love candles? Lighting a candle instead of lights able to bring a different kind of mood to the surrounding. You will feel romantic, relax and serene a different kind of atmosphere. 

Instead of typical candles, thanks to Candle Pit Stop now we have dry sand form candle waxbitz that is totally eco-friendly without paraffin and made from 100% vegetable wax, making it burn well. The wick is safe with no chemical release soot too.

The best part is, it comes in 10 colourful and different scents for us to mixed as we like. We can create the special scent and mixture of colour for our mood, event or theme! With only a heat proof container and some creativity you are good to start, that easy! The left over pieces of candle bits can be reuse and it will smell heavenly again with new scent too.

Candles Pit Stop has a set of trading cards which entitles their customer to trade the cards for discount up to a whopping 50%!!! Yeah, u hear me right.

Starter pack 100g RM12.50
Economy pack 200g RM23.50
Regular pack RM34.50
Super pack RM45.50
Saver pack RM49.50

Candle Pit Stop founder Ms Julia Jules Wan. 

Introducing my humble creation....
Sea Breeze + Relaxing Lavender + Vintage Rose = Alice in Wonderland 😍
This is my creation name which is in the running for Flaming Pot January winner contest. Wish me luck!

Introducing "Alice in Wonderland"

Yes, I've atomic shaken my waxbitz combination. Thanks Candle Pit Stop for the starter pack!

Pic with my darlings....

Group pic of us 😍

For more information, please visit

Candle Pit Stop
GF 27,
IPC, Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 017-2626697

P/S : In conjunction with this year Valentines, Candle Pit Stop will be at the SCORE CUPID DASH RUN held at Kepong Metropolitan Park. They will be showcasing their products romantically in the constructed LOVERs BRIDGE. Runner will walk thru the bridge with waxbitz scents and imagine the light it will create. Samples of WAXBITZ will also be given out free. They also will be having their mobile CPS cart ( a truly unique cart ;) will be revealed) . 

On top of that, Candle Pit Stop will be creating a special scent for the event which you can guess on the SCORE CUPID DASH RUN FB. (Contest will run soon). You stand a chance to win a whopping free 500g jerry can of the scent. The icing on the cake will be a sponsorship of waxbitz to light up your event. Wedding in this case. The contest will also be on Score dash run fb. So... Anyone planning to get married this year? You could be the winner!!! 

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