Saturday, January 24, 2015


Last Friday is definitely a night to be remembered. It's honored being invited to the glamorous 1920's "Party of the Century" by Empire City. I gotta thanks Sidney for the opportunity! 

Anyway, upon enter the grand venue we are welcomed by pretty hostess along the walkway. This 2.5 million square feet City of Lifestyle & Entertainment aims to be the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing all within a self-contained city that balances business with leisure.

2AM performing love ballads to kick start the night. Spot the huge crowd.

2AM Korean group

Next up, it's the awesome drum performances. There's even a flying dragon in the air towards the end. Wow... I'm amazed!

Toasting ceremony of the management of Empire City.

Mark Vincent winner of 'Australia's Got Talent' serenade us with his powerful voice.

We are entertain with the marvelous speed painting.

The star of the night, DJ Paris Hilton spinning the decks. Beside spinning, she show us her hot dance moves and some flipping hair moments too! Oh well... She's hot! ๐Ÿ˜

Last but not least, Taboo(Black Eyed Peas) rocking the stage. He truly nailed it! 

So happy to watch his performance this close.

For video, check out at 

Couldn't help admire the amazing grand  set up and crowd. 

TVB Eliza Sam, Him Law & Sharon Man are here too.

My invites grant me access even to VIP area so I spend my night mostly at the upper VIP glass room where I chilled with a bottle of Asahi while watching performance on stage. Hehehe...

Not forgetting, FOODS ๐Ÿ˜‹

While I'm grabbing foods, my friend spotted Namewee so of course a pic with him too. Whether you love him or hate him, I do admire his talent and errr braveness? Lol

Though I don't get to take pic with any of the stars that night, I feel like a star myself! Hahaha... Now more pictures with my darlings. All pic without watermark credit goes to Andrew Yeak. Thanks for the stunning pictures. Do check out his page will you? 

We are dressed to the nines.

Glamourous us.... 

With the gorgeous Fish & Grace 

Selfie time ๐Ÿ˜

My partner of the night, Jenny. ๐Ÿ˜

Up close of my #fotn and #ootn
Do you think it match the 1920's theme?

Lastly, thank you Empire City for the wonderful memories. 

Instagram: @PartyOfTheCenturyMY #team50my


  1. fantastic pictures, i want it too..... hmmm

  2. This was one lavish party..Indeed fits the bill of 'Party of the Century' to the T

  3. The party look so elegant. You also had Paris Hilton as a DJ. That spells EPIC in my book.

  4. Lots of hot girls at that Party of Century haha. Oh my PARIS and yeah! It's more than just a Glamorous event! SUPERB!

  5. Awesome party you have here! Now I miss my friends, they are the one who loves to attend this kind of an event.

  6. I thought the party looks pretty good and fun. But I'm glad there isn;t really any celebrities that I love inside, if not, I will be sooooo envious!

  7. oh, nice! there's 2am but ill be happier if it was 2pm though. hihihihihi

  8. it looks like you had a great time. You look amazingly gorgeous dear. =)

  9. Those photos speak for themselves... indeed a great party. I know you have fun that night.

  10. Indeed a party of the century! Very fun event I could see from your photos! :-)

  11. You look gorgeous my dear. I have not get invited to this event but glad to see you guys have fun there.

  12. This seemed like an amazing party! I love all the pictures, it looks like you had a blast =) You look stunning!

  13. Looking so glamour that night. I like your hair style and makeup

  14. You girls looked very snazzy that night. Hobnobbing with the VIPs the whole night, wow! What songs did Mark Vincent sing?

  15. Looking gorg there babe! Too bad didnt get to meet you :)

  16. What a fun and glamorous event. You really had quite the show with celebs and great food. Wish I were there!

  17. You are really honored to be invited to such a glamorous and fabulous party, that looks like the event of the year, judging by your photos. Congratulations, Empire City!

  18. What a wonderful event and you looked so pretty Elana! It would be like a dream come true to have a night like that!

  19. What a very fancy party and to have Taboo and Paris Hilton provide the music must be wonderful. You look gorgeous and love the 20s look!

  20. Oh my! You looks so gorgeous.. This is the best party I'd ever attend... So glamorous!